Free Online Power Jumper - How To Play Power Jumper Like Pro

Power Jumper

Free Online Power Jumper - How To Play Power Jumper Like Pro Click to play
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The power jumper game is a fun arcade-style jumping game that challenges players to jump as high and far as possible while collecting points. The player who collects the most issues wins!

This blog post will cover how to play the power jumper game, some tips for playing, and what it takes to win this addictive arcade-styled jumping game.

The first step in playing the power hit games is selecting your difficulty level. There are three levels of difficulty: rookie, pro, and champion.

If you’re new to gaming or want to have an easy time with this one, we recommend starting on Rookie mode, which will give you more time to collect points before your character falls back down again.

About Power Jumper Game

Power Jumper Game is a legendary 2D arcade platformer that combines classic gameplay with modern features. Stunning hand-drawn graphics and fluid, physics-based movement bring back the nostalgia of retro classics like Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong, but Power Jumper’s depth keeps even the most diehard fans on their toes!

The game has five unique worlds, 100+ Levels, and more than 40 different enemies.

Connect with Game Center to challenge your friends, make it on the worldwide leaderboards and earn rewards for being among the best.


  • There is no time limit in the game, so pause it and come back later if you want to take a break.
  • The controls are straightforward; you need only use the arrow keys or swipe your finger on your screen.
  • It has 100+ levels, each one harder than the previous one.


Use the arrow keys or swipe your finger on the screen to move around and avoid monsters as well as in between obstacles…be careful not to fall from platforms! Each world has its unique blocks, so pay attention and be competent to jump over them.

Power Jumper is a very addicting game with endless fun!


Good old classic retro style.

Power Jumper Game is developed by a team of indie developers passionate about 2D games with straightforward controls and challenging levels…We hope you will have fun playing it!

How To Play Animals And Colors

Animal- The smallest animal in the game, this cute little frog is the fastest as well. Colors- In this game, color has a significant role; You need to jump from one snake in the color of the previous one.

Here are some tips:

1- Do not ever try it with yellow or blue.

2- If you want to complete it faster, then make sure that you keep an eye on your time.

3- Jump from one snake to another.

4- Do not worry if you miss a few jumps. The game keeps its time even when you fall.

Level Of Difficulty

This is one of the most challenging games you will ever play; be prepared to have a challenge in front of your eyes.

Level 1 – It does not take time to complete the first level; it’s just for practice. You only need good timing and concentration. Make sure that you do all your best to reach the end when you start playing the second level.

Level 2 – This challenge is more complex than level 1; you will need good concentration and timing to get the three stars for this level. Sometimes you can miss one or two jumps, but it does not mean that your game ends. Keep trying until you reach the end of the second level!

Level 3– In this game, there is a snake that has colors. You need to jump from one snake in the color of the previous one; it is not hard, but sometimes you may miss some jumps, so your level might end. The only way to complete this level is by paying attention and concentrating on what you have to do to progress further into the game.

Level 4 is a snake with colors in this level; it is exactly like the previous one but much more challenging to complete. This level requires good concentration and timing to progress further into the game. It is recommended to do some exercise before playing Level 4 because you will feel exhausted!


1- Why do I fall?

The reason why you are falling is that you don’t land exactly on the platform. If, after landing on a snake, it begins to move back, then your level ends.

2- Can I pause the game and come back later?

Yes! It is recommended for you to take a break when playing this game because it is very challenging.

3- I reached the end, but my time is not recorded?

In this game, there is a timer, and you have to reach at least the end of the level for your time to be recorded.


If you’ve been looking for a game to play when you want something that can be enjoyed with friends, this blog post is just what you need. Power jumper by Frongames has all the proper ingredients-simple gameplay and endless hours of fun!

Not only does power jumper have multiplayer options on devices or Facebook connect, but it also features new challenges every day, so there will never be an end to the excitement.

Download power jumper today from Google Play or iTunes App Store and start jumping your way through obstacles in no time!