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Plapla Game

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What is Plapla? Plapla is a fun-addicting platform runner game. The game aims to help your character get as far away from the Eater of Worlds as you can throughout hundreds of levels and collect stars on each stage. You will be racing against time if you want to get the highest score. Let’s try it at Frongames

Plapla Game Overview

Plapla is a physics-based running game. Like any other running game, the game’s main objective is to get as far away from your enemy and collect stars along the way by jumping on platforms.

However, Plapla adds more challenges at each level. It’ll make you think, why can’t I run through that gap, or why can’t I run on the wall? That’s right! Plapla uses a lot of new unique features.

It has every great feature found in other running games plus more. With its unique gameplay that I have never seen before, you’ll love to play this game repeatedly.

A key feature of Plapla is something that I think would be a challenge for most players. Plapla uses Slopes and Antigravity to make your character run in any direction you want. Antigravity makes your player look like he’s wearing no shoes, and every step of his feet will be propelled with lots of force.

Slopes, on the other hand, are a slippery kind of surface. If your player steps on this slope, he’ll continue running until the ground will get flat again (or until he falls off the level). These two features added to Plapla make it look different from other physics-based running games.

Free Online Plapla Game – How To Play Plapla Game Like Pro

The gameplay is relatively easy. You need to control your character’s jump by clicking on the left mouse button or dragging your mobile device finger. Click it again to stop jumping (if you’re playing this game with a mouse).

 There’s no need to hold the jump button because your character will automatically stop jumping when you stop clicking.

Step 1: Choose a world to play in and win each level in each world one by one.

Don’t worry; there are checkpoints at each level. If your character dies, you’ll continue from the last checkpoint on that world. There are worlds 1 to 8.

Step 2: Collect stars by completing those levels.

Step 3: Unlock other characters and save them for the next time you play this game again

Beginner Tips

You can collect stars by completing levels. You’ll get 2-3 stars for every class, depending on how well you did at that level. I suggest you save those collected stars and don’t spend them yet. Playing your cards right could help finish a world up to the last group as long as you have collected enough stars.


Plapla is a new innovative physics-based running game from Plapla Studios. It has a lot of features that you won’t find in other games like this.

  • Run-on Slopes – The ground is not flat anymore! You can run and jump on slopes now! But be careful; the pitch can turn into Antigravity while you’re jumping on it.
  • Antigravity – The ground is flat again! You can walk and jump on the Antigravity now. But be careful, Slopes are also part of this new feature!
  • Unlock other characters as you win levels or collect stars
  • More worlds (8) are available to play in the following updates


Plapla Game is the only physics-based running game that I know of that offers Slopes and Antigravity. It’s enjoyable to play with these two features added to it. We hope that our guide can help you play this game better.