Free Online Pet Crush Saga - How To Play Pet Crush Saga Like Pro

Pet Crush Saga

Free Online Pet Crush Saga - How To Play Pet Crush Saga Like Pro Click to play
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Pet Crush Saga is a game for Facebook that has reached over 30 million downloads on the app store. As of this blog post, it only has 1.5 stars with reviews stating they have difficulty with the timed levels and find themselves spending money to buy gems without realizing how quickly they use them up.

Some reviewers also state that there are too many ads in between rounds or when trying to collect their prizes after completing the level and others say that it’s too hard to get power-ups such as bombs or hammers which can make the game more difficult.

The company behind this addictive mobile game doesn’t seem to be listening, so we’re asking you – our readers and fellow gamers – what would you do differently? How could Pet Crush Saga improve?

About Pet Crush Saga

This Pet Crush Saga game is a type of adventure game where you have to play as a pet with a different appetite than its owner can give. You could feed it breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.

Your job is to make your hungry pet satisfied so that it will not run away from home. The secrets of this game are the combination of pet and menu that you choose for it. You have to match the best pet with the perfect diet plan to have a happy pet that will not run away again.


Some features are unique or exclusive in the Pet Crush Saga game.

Customizable dog – you can customize your pet in this game and choose the skin, nose, ears, eyes, and fur color that you like most or match its master. For instance, if you have a white beard, pick a white puppy with blue eyes; if your hair is black, choose a puppy with dark brown fur.

In-game missions – there are more than 60 in-game missions that you will surely enjoy. You will receive a list of level requirements, the number of pets allowed to play, and the time limit for the mission before each game. To ensure that your pet does not abandon you again, provide it with the best meal plan and care for it regularly.

Bingo cards – enjoy the bingo activity by collecting different pets that have a specific set of unique features. As your pet gets older, it will be consuming more foods, and you could purchase a food cart or restaurant to help your supply all your daily meals.

A breeding system also allows you to make an animal multiply; this is the perfect way to increase your collection.


You have to click on either left or right arrow of your mouse to choose a pet from the menu list on the left side of the screen.

After that, you could then click on the button located on top of your dog portrait box; this is where you can customize and give specific foods to your pet.

You could also click on the box located below the dog portrait for more details, such as your pet’s favorite food, level, and health status.

The game is straightforward to play; you have to match a menu card that contains three elements picked randomly from the given list or pets. The point in each game is to feed your dog its meals and avoid choosing the foods that are not in its diet plan.

How To Play Pet Crush Saga Like Pro

The Pet Crush Saga game is not that challenging at first, but the level will become more difficult as you go further. It requires an excellent strategy to win each game with three stars, so in this guide, we are going to give some tips on how to play Pet Crush Saga like a pro and with most bonus items:

Tips: Use your booster wisely – if you reach level 30, you will be given an advocate that includes three elements to pick. Use it wisely and feed your pet maximum star food combinations because getting bonuses in each competition could help you win more coins and purchase additional pets.

Boosters available – if you reach a higher level, you could gain or unlock new boosters which are easy to use. There are four boosters that you could use in this game.

Watch the timer – if you have a busy schedule, then set your alarm for fifteen minutes to play this game because it can be addictive at first but later on. You could spend hours playing each match to get three stars and unlock new features of your pet, such as clothes and accessories.

Tips: Get three stars in each level – even if the game is simple to play, you still have to master some strategies and choose the best pet food combination to earn all three-star rewards.

It would be disappointing if your pet will not satisfy his hunger with a meal plan that did not match its diet requirements. Start at the lower levels and practice your skills.

Level Of Difficulty

Pet Crush Saga is easy to play; all you have to do is match the pet food items randomly selected from the three menu lists given on each game.

Each level has its list of foods that your pet can eat. To get all three stars in a competition, feed it some star meals and avoid picking foods from the excluded list, or else it will abandon you.

Challenge yourself and play more games to earn more coins and purchase additional food items such as pet gear and accessories for your pets.


How much time should I set aside each day to enjoy this game?

It is all up to the players; you can spend one hour playing this mobile app or just a few minutes each day. Either way, it’s fun to play because you will be watching your pets grow and become healthy in the game Pet Crush Saga.

How much time should I spend to earn coins?

It is all up to the players; some could win in five minutes while others could take hours of playing at a stretch. The point is, you could win more coins and get more significant rewards by playing the Pet Crush Saga game daily.


We’ve seen some great games this year, but the pet crush saga stands out among the best. Millions of people have downloaded the game, and it shows no signs of slowing down. It’s free to download on iOS or Android devices, and you can play against friends on the same device or online with Facebook connect.

You’ll also be pleasantly surprised at how much fun there is in just playing around for 10 minutes here and there when you’re bored!

If you haven’t already tried out pet crush saga, I highly recommend downloading it today from either Google Play Store or iTunes App Store. Once installed, please note that Frongames is the place to go if you want an even more extensive selection of excellent mobile gaming experiences!