Free Online Pet Connect - How To Play Pet Connect Like Pro

Pet Connect

Free Online Pet Connect - How To Play Pet Connect Like Pro Click to play
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The new pet connect game is a great way to spend time with your pets and test their knowledge. The game comes in an easy-to-carry package so that you can bring it anywhere. It’s also a great way to keep your pet entertained on long car rides or flights!

The new pet connect game is perfect for people who want to bond with their furry family members. You’ll have hours of fun trying to figure out which animal is the correct answer. This will make your day more enjoyable because you won’t be bored at home or work all day!

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About Pet Connect Game

Pet Connect is a free online game that offers an enjoyable visual treat for the eyes. The visuals and the music are beautifully combined to provide a delightful gaming experience.

While playing this game, you can learn about various breeds of dogs, their behavior, and their physical features. This way, you will be able to recognize different dog breeds easily and quickly.

The game offers a different level of difficulty. You can choose your difficulty level from easy to medium to hard as per your convenience and skillset.

You get stars based on the score you achieve while playing this game. If you do not have sufficient points, you will not be able to win all the available levels in this game.

This game is an excellent way to improve your concentration levels as well as your visual skills. This will help you to identify different breeds of dogs easily and quickly.

If you enjoy playing this game, you can also play other exciting puzzle games like Pet Rescue Saga Game.


  • Colorful graphics and excellent music.
  • Different levels of difficulty for the players of varying skill sets.
  • The game is free. You can enjoy playing this game without spending money on it.


The action in this game is controlled by the mouse only. To interact with objects, click them to select them. Then drag them up or down to move them.

To select the different difficulty levels, click on the select level option from the top right corner of the page and choose your desired difficulty level.


Big Pixel Studios develop pet Connect. It was released in the year 2011.

How To Play Pet Connect Like Pro

This game involves a lot of concentration and visual skills. To win this game, you need to connect whatever is moving with the static objects in a specific pattern or shape.

This game involves various levels of difficulty. It may be easy for some people, while it might be difficult for others. So, one needs to choose the most accessible level to play this game as a novice. Once you have got used to the game and are familiar with its rules, you can try playing it on higher difficulty levels.

Level Of Difficulty

There are three levels of difficulty in this game. You can select any level as per your convenience and skillset. However, there is no point in choosing the complex level to play this game. You will not be able to win all the levels that are available in this game.

Easy Level

This level is relatively easy to play, and it does not require any special skills from you to win it. However, if you are having problems playing this level, we suggest you try playing a different puzzle game or try some of the exercises to improve your visual skills. The following image shows a manageable level of this game:

Medium Level

This level requires a bit of concentration from you to win it. However, if you are having problems playing this level, we suggest you try playing a different puzzle game or try some of the exercises to improve your visual skills. The following image shows a medium level of this game:

Hard Level

This level is quite challenging to play, and it needs excellent eyesight skills to win it. However, if you are having problems playing this level, we suggest you try playing a different puzzle game or try some of the exercises to improve your visual skills. The following image shows a complex level of this game:


How many levels are there in this game?

The 2-3 levels of difficulty and 4-5 puzzles for each level. This makes a total of 12 different challenging levels to play this game.

How do I move the objects when playing Pet Connect on the easy level?

You can drag the objects when playing it on a manageable level—however, the time to move objects increases when you play it on more challenging levels.

How many points do I need to score in this game to win?

You get six stars for each level that you complete. So, if your score is less than six stars, you will not finish the story successfully. On a challenging level, you will get only five stars if you score less than that.

What happens with the remaining time when I am playing a level?

The time is recovered, and it remains the same for all levels. However, you need to complete the level within the given time duration to win the game successfully. If not, then you will lose & your life bar will get reduced.

Do I earn any scores and stars if I click on the sound effects of this game?

No, you do not earn anything by clicking it. It is only for fun & none of it can be helpful to your success in this game.

How many lives do I have when playing Pet Connect?

You have three lives initially. When you lose all your three lives in a level, then the game is over for you, and you need to start playing from that level again.

Can I share my score with my friends when playing Pet Connect?

Yes, this game comes with an in-built social sharing feature that allows users to share their scores on Facebook and Twitter.

Is there any negative point in Pet Connect?

Yes, here are some of the negative points: It is a time-consuming and very addictive game. It will waste your precious time and keep you hooked to it for hours together.

The graphics in this game are pretty poor, which makes the game look dull and uninteresting. There is no background music or sound effects in this game.

It becomes a bit difficult to move objects when playing them on more challenging levels. The difficulty level increases automatically after every few levels, and this is not good.


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