Free Online Pandalicious - How To Play Pandalicious Like Pro


Free Online Pandalicious - How To Play Pandalicious Like Pro Click to play
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Are you ready for the most delicious game of the year? Pandalicious is a free, fun, and addicting game that will have you hooked in minutes. The game’s object is to find mandarin oranges hidden among four varieties of panda ice cream cones.

When all twenty-five pieces are found, you win! You can also unlock exceptional achievements along the way, with each one giving an extra life or bonus points. With so many features and such a sweet name, this is sure to be your favorite new pastime!

About Pandalicious Game

Pandalicious game is an effortless mind challenging game with exciting levels. Anyone can play this game, and everyone will have fun playing this simple strategy-based puzzle game on their mobile devices.

Pandalicious game has a different kinds of puzzles; each level has the strategies that need to be followed to finish it successfully. The first level is elementary, with a few breakable blocks, but it becomes harder to accomplish as more levels are added.


The game has three different modes: Classic, Stampede, and Survival, each having 30 levels. The main aim of this game is to help Panda collect gems by destroying the tiles below and avoid falling off. Just break them with your finger, swipe across the screen to move, and Tilt the phone to play.

You can choose from three different difficulty levels: easy, medium, and hard game modes, each having 30 challenging puzzles that need to be completed successfully; a group is considered complete after you collect all gems.


On starting the game, you will see a Play option. Clicking on it will take you to a screen where you can choose from Classic mode or Stampede Mode and medium difficulty level.

After selecting all of them, start your game. Tilt your phone to move the panda in that direction and swipe on the screen to destroy the tiles below.


Pandalicious game is developed by a company called Pambots Technologies Limited, founded in 2008; this company has three different members and specializes in making games and apps for android phones. The founder of this company is named Meenakshi Dixit, who is a top-rated mobile application developer.

They are currently located in India, and all their products have been developed by them alone. Besides independent game developers, they also provide services to other game-growing companies and help them build their games on android phones.

The company has a deep passion for creating fun and engaging mobile apps for people across the world.

How To Play Pandalicious Like Pro

This game will help you kill your time while traveling from place to place or even in boring situations. It is a straightforward and addictive game that anyone can play; however, if you want to compete with friends using different strategies, then follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Initially, the main menu will appear, and on clicking the “Play” button, the classic mode will start. You can select any level of your choice. In this game, you have to break blocks by moving Panda in different directions with tilt controls; once he steps on a block that contains a gem, it violates, and he collects it.

Step 2: To move Panda, tap anywhere on-screen or press the left side button for backward and the right side button for forwarding. But keep in mind that you cannot move him left to right on the screen; he can only move up, down, or diagonally up-down.

Step 3: Tilt your phone to move Panda left or right around blocks that contain gems of different colors in them. Remember that there is a gold tile on each level.

Gems of different colors are very much required to pass from one level to another, but gold tile is not compulsory to be collected; it gives bonus points for you at the end of every level.

Step 4: Before starting a level, make sure that your Panda is placed on the safe ground where tiles cannot fall on him. If you have mistakenly identified a block near Panda that can fall on him, use explosion power-up to remove it when necessary.

To get an explosion power-up, break any gem by swiping on the screen, and an “explosion” symbol will appear there; tap it to destroy nearby tiles.

Step 5: Panda’s face will show different emotions depending on how you are doing in the game. If he has a sad face, it means that you have made a mistake, and if he is laughing hysterically, then it means that you have performed very well.

Step 6: Select your difficulty level carefully before starting the game; there are three modes to choose from easy, medium, and hard, the last one being tough to beat.

Step 7: Reach for a maximum score by collecting as many gems as possible from each level; you don’t need to be able to complete the first 30 levels in an easy difficulty setting as they are straightforward, but the following groups get more challenging towards the end of the game.

Step 8: Select the medium difficulty and practice more if you are stuck on some level or finding it difficult. However, hard mode is for those who want to test their skills and master the game completely.

Step 9: Compete with your friends on Google+ by sharing scores; in this game, each user has a unique id found in the settings menu.

Step 10: Keep in mind that if you are trying to climb on the Google+ leaderboard, then practice more; the higher score you have, the better your position on leader-boards will be.

Step 11: There are 30 levels in-game and three modes to play with four different difficulty settings. Once you complete any of the three modes, you will unlock bonus features.


How do I save my progress in-game?

Once you complete any of three modes or reach level 20, you cannot play them again; but your score will be saved on the Google+ leaderboard so if you want to earn trophies, make sure that your score is at least 1000 points higher than an existing user with maximum 100 of trophy points.

I have completed all the levels in hard difficulty. What to do now?

If you worry about getting more bonus items and gold tiles, try completing the other modes as they are straightforward; you can also get more in-game currency by watching videos.

What is the in-game currency for?

You can use it to play any level you have already passed at least once; tap on the screen without playing a story if you want to watch the game being played out for you.

Can I play this game if I live outside of United States?

Yes, you can; the only difference is that you have to change your Google Play Store country to the United States to play this game. It’s not necessary to be a US citizen, but a US resident will make it easier for you to use Google Play Store in your country.


Pandalicious is a very well-designed game app that offers excellent replay value for players of all ages. It’s easy to play and constantly evolving, so there will always be something new to do with the game.

You can also compete against friends on the same device or online with Facebook connect, so this is one addictive app you won’t want to miss! If you haven’t tried it already, we highly recommend downloading Pandalicious here today.