Free Online One More Sushi - How To Play One More Sushi Like Pro

One More Sushi

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The One More Sushi Game is a fun way to get players more involved with the game. It’s easy to play and only takes minutes! All you need are some cards, dice, and pens or pencils.

After going through the instructions on using playing cards and dice, we’ll give you an example of what it would look like in action. The name of this blog post is One More Sushi Game.

In the game, players are given a task to fill in the missing pieces of sushi and feed them to their hungry friends. This game is designed for children ages 3-6 years old.

Players will learn what different types of food are on a sushi plate and how these foods taste. The player can also have fun with color matching when they complete this puzzle.

About One More Sushi Game

One more sushi is an excellent game specially made for people who want to learn and master making sushi by frying it at the right temperature. This game has various levels requiring certain ingredients, techniques, and orders.

It’s a fun way to learn how to make this delicious Japanese food while playing games digitally or on paper. Playing this game is very much like playing a cooking competition. The object of this game is to roll the sushi using a variety of ingredients to produce a large number of mouth-watering sushi rolls.

This game doesn’t have many levels, so you can make unlimited and as many sushi rolls as you want, allowing one to acquire the skills needed to produce high-quality sushi.


One more sushi takes place in a small restaurant with the setting of a TV dinner and an Onigiri. It has HD graphics and easy controls, which will make anyone who plays it comfortable while playing.

The game also has excellent background music that adds to the fun when making sushi rolls. Controls are simple since you’ll be using the mouse to drag and drop ingredients. Your hand will be used to select the different types of sushi.

The game can also play the game, especially if they love playing cooking games without any stress or pressure. However, this game is only suitable for people who want to learn how to make authentic sushi by frying it fast at a high temperature which most children might have a problem with it.

One more sushi is an exciting and fun way to make sushi fry at a fast temperature that most people can’t stand. Still, as you play this game, your skills will get better and better until you become the best chef of all time while making delicious homemade sushi rolls.


You can use your mouse keyboard or touchpad to select and move the ingredients when making sushi in this game.


This game was developed by Tristan Rice, a game designer who has worked on various games, including One more sushi which is an educational and fun way to learn how to make authentic sushi.

How To Play One More Sushi Game

To play this game, you will need to follow the given steps below;

The first step is to move your mouse until it’s hovering over a sushi ingredient in one of the four sides. Now click on any of them and hold down that button. By doing this, you’ll be able to drag that piece of ingredient for the sushi roll to the designated location.

You’re almost there! Once you have placed all the ingredients on your sushi roll, click on the rolling mat. Then it will automatically roll and make nice-looking sushi that is ready to be served.

Levels Of Difficulty

This game has two levels of difficulty, which include level 1 and level 2. The first one is the easiest to play, especially if you are a beginner, while the second one is the most difficult since it requires excellent skills in making sushi fast by frying them at high temperatures.

When creating these two levels, the designer knew how to create a game that can allow players to learn how to make sushi without much pressure.

In level one, you’ll be using only four ingredients: seaweed, salmon, cucumber, and egg. Each of these ingredients will have its designated location, making it easy for beginners to create a nice-looking sushi roll.

However, the ingredients are limited at this level, and you’ll need to make three sushi rolls, which gives you some pressure while making them, especially if the elements aren’t placed correctly.

Level 2 has a total of 8 different types of ingredients; these include vinegar, soybean, sake, ginger-sake sauce, wasabi sauce, and many more. In this level, the player must make different types of sushi rolls, such as chirashizushi, inari-sushi, and oshizushi.

This level is the most difficult since it gives players more pressure to create delicious-looking sushi fast by frying them at high temperatures leading to a crispy texture from the nori seaweed sheets used in sushi.

Anyhow, the best thing about this game is that it has an infinite number of levels since each level, you’ll face new challenges and more complex ingredients to make a perfect sushi roll.


Does The Player Need To Have Cooking Experience To Play This Game?

No! Anyone can play this game, especially if they want to learn how to make sushi without any experience required.

The game gives them the freedom to choose what ingredients they prefer making it easier for every player to follow a specific pattern to create amazing-looking rolls of sushi that are delicious and flavorful.

How Many Ingredients Are Used For Making Sushi?

There are various combinations of ingredients that can be used when creating sushi. In this game, the player is only limited to 4 ingredients, and they can choose whatever element they want. Still, there are eight different types: vinegar, soybean, sake, ginger-sake sauce, wasabi sauce, and many more.

What Does The Chef Say When He Turns His Back Towards You?

The chef will always say something every time he turns his back towards the player; it can differ from one another. As you level up and roll sushi faster, the chef will get angry at you as an expression of a negative response.

This makes this game more challenging for players that want to play it, especially if they’re still beginners who are still struggling in making sushi rolls.

What Happens If The Player Turns Away From The Chef?

If you turn your back away from the chef, he will get pissed off at you, thus negatively reacting to what happened while playing this game. It’s like telling him that I want to take a break and relax for some time which is fine by the chef.


We hope you feel comfortable when playing the game at Frongames. One more sushi has been getting a lot of attention lately, and for a good reason! The game is fun to play and constantly evolving, with new content being added all the time.

You can also play against friends on the same device or online with Facebook connect, so there’s never any shortage of challenges to keep things interesting. Don’t let this one pass you by. Download it now.