Free Online Office Slacking Game - How To Play Office Slacking Game Like Pro

Office Slacking Game

Free Online Office Slacking Game - How To Play Office Slacking Game Like Pro Click to play
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Office Slacking Game is a simulation game that lets you explore what it’s like to be a bored office worker. The game takes place in your office cubicle, where you have the opportunity to customize your slacking experience by playing with various objects on your desk or browsing through photos on your computer screen. Let’s try this game at Frongames in your free time at the office.

Free Online Office Slacking Game – How To Play Office Slacking Game Like Pro

1. Click the “Play This Game” button to load the main menu of Office Slacking Game.

2. Choose your favorite slacking style from four options

(a) Lying on the bed,

(b) Clicking around,

(c) On the Phone

(d) Using Computer.

In this part, you could even access a secret menu if you click the monitor.

3. Then, you will see a new scene of your slacking in the brainstorming room or other different locations in the office. You can freely manipulate the objects, use additional items on your desk and do much more to have fun during your leisure time!

4. Once you’ve had enough fun, click the “Save” button and click “Exit.”

In this part, you can see a few stats of your slacking: how long it’s lasted; who came to interrupt you (your boss); what secret menu did you unlock during the gameplay; which scene has been opened during the gameplay.

5. Clicking a location will lead you to that specific scene; clicking a photo will let you browse your pictures on the Computer.


  • Social inter-connectivity is available when you play.
  • Ongoing updates with new features and scenes for free.
  • Easy and smooth gameplay.
  • Super fun! This is such a great game.


Office Slacking Game is an online simulation game that brings the fun of slacking and office humor to players by allowing them to play as office workers who are bored at work for a break.

During the gameplay, players can decide what they want to do by playing with objects on their desk such as pencils and cups, looking at photos on the computer, or using items in the secret menu. We hope that this game can help you relax during rest time.