Free Online Octopus Hugs Game - How To Play Octopus Hugs Game Like Pro

Octopus Hugs Game

Free Online Octopus Hugs Game - How To Play Octopus Hugs Game Like Pro Click to play
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Do you love to play games? Octopus Hugs is a game with cute graphics and provides hours of entertainment. It’s perfect for playing on your phone or tablet. Could you read our blog post to find out more? Let’s Frongames show you more info about the goal and how to play this game. 

Octopus Hugs Game Overview

This mobile-friendly match-3 game lets you dive into the ocean to match cute and cuddly Octopuses! You can complete all levels and eliminate all the bad octopuses from Octopus Hugs. You can create a chain to unlock new items and octopus power! Spread all the love for octopus with the octopus Bomb!

Octopus Hugs, a mobile-friendly match-3 puzzle game with dozens of levels, is fun and easy to play. You can relax and enjoy the game’s cute characters and soothing music.

You can match more than three octopuses to create a long chain. Your score will increase the longer your chain is, which will give you more powerups. You can also use the coins you win after each level to purchase powerups to assist you in the game.

Free Online Octopus Hugs Game – How To Play Octopus Hugs Game Like Pro

Step 1: The game is free to play, so you can start playing it as soon as you download it.

Step 2: After you launch the game, select a mode – classic or adventure. The adventure mode has 20 different levels for you to play.

Step 3: You will be shown the current level you are on in the lower right corner of the screen. You can use your finger to drag a block to the place where you want it.

Step 4: To get more powerups, make a match of four or more blocks with any octopus character in them. This will create a chain that will give you some coins and allow you to take advantage of the powerup shown at the bottom of the screen.

Step 5: You will get an extra turn if you make a match with five or six blocks. This means that you will be able to take another turn without using any of your moves. You can use this wisely after reviewing your activities because there are no more matches available.

Step 6: Make matches with octopus characters to create chains. When you clear a level, the number of stars will be placed on the top right corner of your screen. Collect these star icons and then start playing the next level in the adventure mode.

Step 7: After completing all levels in the adventure mode, you can playgroups available for free each day. You can also play exceptional levels that are provided for a limited time.

Step 8: After you complete all of the adventure mode levels, you can continue to enjoy playing the game and practice your skills in classic mode.

Beginner Tips

Morning, noon, and night tiles have different appearances. You can get more rewards if you combine 3 of these tiles in a row.

When combining blocks with the same number of stars, they will become “super” blocks. These are especially great when combined with other matched tiles near them. This is because making matches near these “super” blocks will result in more points.

If you combine a green egg block with an octopus character, it will become a dragon egg that can explode and destroy any tile near it. Use this powerup wisely!


  • Octopus Hugs is a game with cute graphics and provides hours of entertainment.
  • This mobile-friendly match-3 game lets you dive into the ocean to match cute and cuddly Octopuses!
  • You can complete all levels and eliminate all the bad octopuses from Octopus Hugs.


This is the best match in 3 games, and it has a strategy component too. This game will be great to relax your mind after a long day of work at the office or school. It requires patience sometimes, but you have to be patient, and you will enjoy