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Observer Crossword Game

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The observer crossword, created in 1913 by the Sunday Times of London as a single-page weekend insert, is widely considered one of the most intellectually tricky puzzles to appear in any newspaper.

It is a weekly crossword game, offered exclusively in newspapers owned by the Times of London. The puzzle appears every Saturday and is one of the most difficult on April 15, 2012.

Free Online Observer Crossword – How To Play Observer Crossword Like Pro

The object of the game is to complete the grid, with clues provided for each word. The number in the upper left-hand corner next to the clue number tells you how many letters are in the answer, what order they go in, and their value (how many points they’re worth). A “?” means that there’s one letter missing.

You can enter words in any direction (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal), but only the letters you use will be added to your score. Unused letters will remain part of the grid.

A word’s score is calculated by adding together its number value and the value of its letters. Some letters have a negative value, which reduces your score if they are used. You also lose two points (one letter’s worth) for every unused blank space in the grid.

Underlined letters are hidden answers, and you must use them to solve that clue. Some puzzles have additional rules; this will be stated along with the puzzle’s title on its first appearance each calendar month.

The first puzzle in each calendar month is published on the third of the preceding month. Solutions and explanations for all mysteries from the previous year can be found at

A red asterisk (*) by a clue indicates that it’s an adaptation of a previously used clue; thus, solving it without prior knowledge of the original clue may be more challenging.


The best player is the one who scores the most points. The number of puzzles you’ve solved correctly in a row doesn’t matter, but your total score at the end does! Frongames hopes that our guide can help you learn more about this game.

Good luck, and enjoy this game with your family and friends.