Free Online Nutmeg Game - How To Play Nutmeg Game Like Pro

Nutmeg Game

Free Online Nutmeg Game - How To Play Nutmeg Game Like Pro Click to play
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Nutmeg game includes action elements such as running, jumping, and ducking. You will find yourself in an adventurous world of green fields beautifully drawn with a cute design.

The main objective of the Nutmeg Game is to lead your duckling into each stage’s exits by completing it in a short amount of time. Controls are simple: jump press on the space bar and duck by pressing the down arrow key.

This game has three levels that you have to go through to complete each stage. Each story is different than one another as they vary in difficulty and scenery. You can play each level over and over again to improve your gameplay. Let’s try this game at Frongames with us.

Free Online Nutmeg Game – How To Play Nutmeg Game Like Pro

The Nutmeg Game online uses the arrow key to move and the space bar to jump. The objective of this game is simple: run as fast as you can, collect golden stars and reach the exit soon because time is running out.

If your duckling hits any obstacles or falls into a bottomless pit, then it’s game over. However, you will restart from the beginning of the level.

In each stage, there are golden stars spread out. When your duckling jumps on them, they transform into golden hearts that add time to your game.

You can see how much time you have left by looking at the clock in the upper right corner of the screen. If you complete a level in time, then you will receive a bonus.

To escape each stage, you have to reach the little red exit sign with your duckling by following these simple steps: Jump onto platforms, avoid falling into bottomless pits and collect as many golden stars as possible. Once you reach an area that requires ducking, make sure to press the down key to duck.

Once you reach a small hole, your duckling will automatically jump into it. Keep in mind that the level ends if you’re too late, and you have to start over again.

When you complete each stage of the game in time, which almost everyone can accomplish on their first try, it will add additional time to your game. This is good because you get more time for each level that you clear.

Features of Game

The background music is very suitable for the Nutmeg Game, as it creates a light-hearted atmosphere that suits this game. The sound effects are essential and work fine with the game.

Overall, the graphics look great and have been drawn in a lovely cartoon style. The levels are visually different than one another and vary from difficulty to scenery.

The Nutmeg Game is easy to pick up but is quite tricky when you get into the higher levels. Throughout each group, you will be faced with various obstacles that can make things a lot tougher.

There are many gaps and holes that you have to jump over and moving platforms and monsters that move in front of you. To help you, there are gold flags that you can pick up, which give points plus golden stars to collect for extra points.


Nutmeg Game online is a fun platform game that you will enjoy repeatedly playing as it improves your gameplay and increases your overall score. You will have hours of fun trying to beat high scores. This Game allows you to make changes within the game so that you can play it your way. Overall, this is a great game that I would recommend to anyone.