Free Online Nom Nom Kitties Game - How To Play Nom Nom Kitties Game Like Pro

Nom Nom Kitties Game

Free Online Nom Nom Kitties Game - How To Play Nom Nom Kitties Game Like Pro Click to play
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Nom Nom Kitties is a new game that has the player help their cat find food in an apartment. The player must help feed kitties by finding them and taking them where they can eat while avoiding obstacles such as other animals or humans. Players can only carry one kitty at a time, and there are 20 levels of play. This game is available on Frongames.

Free Online Nom Nom Kitties Game – How To Play Nom Nom Kitties Game Like Pro

To play this game, you must be familiar with the WASD keys and arrow keys. The player is a cat who has to make sure all of the other cats are fed before sleeping at night.

To get the cats some food, you have several options. First, you can feed them yourself by finding a bowl of food, represented by a yellow dot. Then, it would help if you somehow got the cat to the bowl to eat.

This can be done by holding your left click on top of that particular cat and then moving it over to where the food is.

Then, they will go back into place once they are eating when your mouse cursor is lifted. You can also use other animals to feed them. These are orange dots and will move around on their own.

If you get one of these to either eat the food or knock it over, then the kitties will come running. Another obstacle in this game is humans, who will chase you away from cats if they see you trying to get food. Red dots represent them.

To get around these people, you can jump over them or hide out in a corner for a while until they leave. The other primary way that you avoid humans is jumping on top of objects and onto other cats or animals to reach your goal. You may also want to eat certain things, such as mice or fish.


The graphics are fun and bright, with a typical cartoon style. The sounds effects and music work well to create an excellent theme for the game.

There are 20 levels in total, which will gradually increase in difficulty as you progress through them. This is great because it allows people who may not be good at the game to learn how to get used to it instead of being thrown into a hard level right away.


This game is entertaining and addicting. It has excellent graphics and sounds, and the music is pleasant to listen to. The only downside is that the player cannot turn off the music in this game even though they can play other games by Frongames.