Ninja Moral Game

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The Ninja Moral Game’s goal is to be one step ahead of your opponent by strategically placing cards on different tiles to attack them or defend yourself against their attacks. Along with this, you can also level up your character, which will affect how many cards you can use per turn and what type of skills they learn at each level.

You can play alone or against another person, either locally or online, so it’s perfect for those looking for something new and exciting! Let’s check out it at Frongames now. 

Ninja Moral Game Overview

Ninja Moral Game is a new free game that can be played on either the website or in-app. There are three different classes of character to choose from: Acolyte, Ninja, and Yamabushi. Each class has a unique set of skills and attacks that can be used against your opponent.

The game aims to attack your opponent until there is no more life left in them and they die. Each player has five different tiles which they can move around the board to either attack their opponent or defend themselves against their attacks. Each turn, you can place a card on one of these tiles or throw it at your opponent for an immediate effect (such as poisoning, blinding, or stunning).

Each character has different stats, such as attack power, defense, etc., which will affect how well they will fare against other players. Along with this, you can level up your character and unlock new skills each time you reach a certain level. 

Free Online Ninja Moral Game – How To Play Ninja Moral Game Like Pro

Step 1: choose a level.

Step 2: place cards on the tiles strategically to attack or defend yourself and wait for your opponent to make their move or attack. 

Step 3: If your opponent uses a powerful card against you or kills you, then the game is over, and they have won. If you kill them, on the other hand, then the game is over, and you have won! 

Beginner Tips

  • You can only place cards on tiles that are adjacent to your character.
  • Each class has a different set of skills. 
  • You can use your shield as many times per turn as you want, but if your opponent destroys it, then they will win the game!
  • If you choose to continue playing in app format, you can save your progress so that you don’t have to start at level 1 each time you play.
  • If you choose to play in-app format, you can change the background and music by going into settings and selecting either “background” or “music.” 


  • Play online with other players all over the world! 
  • Choose between different classes, each with their unique abilities 
  • Choose to play in-app or online format 


Ninja Moral Game is a fun, fast-paced, and exciting new game that combines strategy with the challenge of playing a card game. It has several features, including the ability to create your tournaments, plays against people all over the world, and level up your character to customize and improve their skills.