Free Online Neon Trio - How To Play Neon Trio Like Pro

Neon Trio

Free Online Neon Trio - How To Play Neon Trio Like Pro Click to play
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Neon Trio is a company that designs and develops toys for children with autism, ADHD, and other special needs. Their products are designed to be easy to use for kids who need extra help playing.

The goal of Neon Trio Games is to provide children with autism, ADHD, or other special needs with the opportunity to play games as every other child can.

They have created board games customized for these types of disabilities by making them easier to use so they’re more inclusive rather than exclusive.

About Neon Trio Game

Neon Trio is an online app game. Neon Trion neon Tetris and also Puyo Puyo. You can play this game on your computer or laptop, or smartphone because it’s a browser-based free online game available for all users around the world while they’re connected to the internet.

This is one of the best puzzle games using the Tetris game concept. Neon Trion can be played on computers from Personal computers to Desktop PCs, Desktops, and even Laptops. It’s a freeware puzzle game like most of the games available online.

Just play and enjoy this game with a simple design and complicated background music, which suits you when you feel bored or stressed.

It has detailed graphics which is easy to understand and colorful. The background music always suits the situation you’re in.

For example, if the game just started, there is a slow song playing, but as you keep playing or when you finish a level fast, it goes up with fantastic background music that would make you excited and want to play again until you clear all the stories.

Once you pass a level, good background music comes in, and if you give two or more classes at once, even better to hear.

Neon Trio Game Online is fantastic to play, and it’s one of those games where you can sit back and have some fun while doing nothing else. The game has 140 levels, but you can skip them if you already finish all of them.



If you’re planning to play Neon Trio online, I suggest that you save your progress often. You never know if the power would go off or if the computer would freeze, so check the auto-saver frequently. As soon as I learned this one thing, my scores improved, and I also became a pro in the Neon Trio game online.

Colorful and Eye-catching graphics

Neon Trio’s website is one of the most eye-catching ones I’ve ever known. The background displays lovely colorful lights, which will make you relax when playing this fantastic game. It makes you feel like you are part of it, especially when you play the Neon Trio game online because of its stunning and unique graphics.

Sound Effects

Neon Trio Website is also lovely because it has sound effects that fit each level’s gameplay style. It makes the game more exciting, especially when you beat your highest score or compete with your friends. This game’s soundtrack is terrific, which adds up to the game’s outstanding graphics.

Controls (for Keyboard)

Neon Trio game can be played using your keyboard. The controls are pretty easy to remember. Use the arrow keys for moving sideways, up and down arrows for rotating blocks on each side, that’s all but if you get familiar with it, check out the Advanced section below. It’ll give you more tips and tricks on how to play the Neon Trio game online.

Technical details

Neon Trio game is played using Adobe Flash Player. You can run it through your browser and play it on Windows XP, Vista, or Win XP Professional Edition for Mac OS X 10.6+.

I noticed that some games need special plugins to be installed, so make sure you download any required plugin before playing the Neon Trio game online.

How To Play Neon Trio Game Online Like Pro

This is one of the most beautiful game sites I’ve ever known. Here are some hints for you guys who want to get the most out of the Free Online Neon Trio Game:

1.) At first, play as slowly and carefully on the low levels. Don’t hurry because there’s no time limit, but if you think you can pass it fast, then go ahead.

2.) On the higher levels, get comfortable first on the lower ones before you reach there. Play easy and practice over-turned high-level games to get familiar with Neon Trio game online’s gameplay style. It’s slow at first, but as you pass each level, it gets faster.

3.) You can also play this game with your friends and family members using the same computer, or even different ones. Try to beat each other. It’s more fun if you and your partner are competing because it makes the game last longer, which means you’ll have a lot of time to bond with your friend or sibling, whoever they are.

4.) When you play the Neon Trion game, the most important thing is to remember the colors of each block. This game works like Tetris, where only certain color blocks can fit on top or next to it. Red color blocks are called Tetriminos, They’re similar to square-shaped pieces in the Tetris game.

Orange blocks are called Puyos, or sometimes known as Pyramids. Green-colored blocks are the most unique because they have superpowers, and they can change any block’s color to fit on top of it.

5.) Once you get comfortable, go fast from each level but make sure that you’re not making any mistakes. Always memorize each block’s color code and always check if you’re getting the right partnerships for the next level. After you pass a level, play it over again to improve your score and get used to its gameplay style.

6.) Keep on playing until you beat all 140 levels in Free Online Neon Trio Game. It’s fun playing alone, but it’s even more fun when you play with your friends.

As soon as I discovered the Neon Trio game online, I can’t stop playing until all 140 levels were finished. It was hard to pass each level at first because of the difficulty level, which is expected because it gets harder and harder on higher levels.

Also, don’t forget to check the Advanced section. It’s hard, but if you mastered the basics and got used to each level’s gameplay style, you can probably reach level 140.


After reading this post, you may want to download the neon trio. Frongames always bring back the best games for people looking for a way to relax and have fun! The game features an evolving difficulty level that will keep everyone entertained as they play.

Plus, with multiplayer options available on both devices and online via Facebook connect, it’s easy enough for anyone in your family or friend group to join in on the action without spending any additional money!