Free Online Neon Checkers - How To Play Neon Checkers Like Pro

Neon Checkers

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Neon checkers is a game that takes the traditional version of the game and makes it more interesting. The goal is to clear all of your pieces from the board before your opponent does.

If you can’t move, you lose! This game will keep you on your toes as it challenges both speed and strategy to outwit one another.

This fun twist on a classic game has been enjoyed by many people who want to add some excitement to their lives. It’s time for you to give this exciting take on checkers a try today!

About Neon Checkers Game

Neon Checkers game is played between two players on a board that is usually 8×8. The game is played by capturing the opponent’s pieces as they are moved across the board.

It would be exciting to pay attention to this checkers game, which has a remarkable resemblance with all of us, even though it is a straightforward game to play.

The players need to get the opponent’s pieces between two of their own captured pieces to capture or remove them from the board.

The game is played by capturing the opponent’s pieces as they are moved across the board. One player with black color moves first, and then their opponent goes next will be making the board full of colors.

The checker pieces in each player have two different colors to differentiate from one another. Other versions of this game would make you more interested in playing it, such as an electronic version or 3D version.


There are various versions of this game that can be downloaded for free via the internet. The boards to play it has varying dimensions.

The player’s pieces will also have different patterns and differences on each side. For instance, one side is white, and the other is black.

The board size might vary from an 8×8 checkerboard to an 8×16 board which is the largest among some of the other boards available in three or four colors.

There is no limit to how many players can play this game at once. The duplicate of the player can join and make it a competition between each other.

The game needs specific pieces for playing, such as dice, checker, board, and others. The game needs to be simple for you to understand how each piece moves across the board and become familiar with the rules of playing it.

How To Play Neon Checkers Like Pro

The checker pieces in this game are moved diagonally, one space at a time from their initial position. A player could move any of its fragments unless the other player’s piece is occupying that space. A move could be made even if it brings a player’s work to an adjoining point on a diagonally adjacent board.

The winner of this game will be determined when one player has no more lies on the board than their opponent, whereas the opponent still has at least one piece.

This game has been played by taking turns, so if one player wins a favor, their opponent should give them another turn because only that person would be able to remove pieces from the board.

The winner of a game will be determined when one player has no more lies on the board, whereas their opponent still has at least one element.


The controls of this game are straightforward to understand how it is played. Like other games, you can also master them by playing them in a short period.

The default settings for this game are set as follows so that you could easily understand how to play it without any help or guidance.

The players in this game are referred to as first and second players. The left button is used to play the move of a checker piece, whereas the other will be utilized to view information about that particular piece you play.

The right button is used if the player’s piece makes no movements, and you have to roll the dice for another chance.


The development of this game has been taken care of by Atari Games in 1985, published by Hasbro Inc. It is a viral board game that is played all over the world. The original name for this game was “Double-six dominoes.”

Levels Of Difficulty

This game is played in two levels of difficulty, the normal and the hard one. In the easy level, a player can move their piece along any diagonal line, whereas in the high level, it can be moved only on diagonals marked with different colors.

The players playing this game at the average level are less than those in the challenging group.


The critical questions about this game are as follows so that you could familiarize yourself with them before playing it.

Can my opponent make a move when I throw the dice?

Yes, they can do that, but not in all circumstances. Each player has to keep an eye on how their opponent moves because if the situation demands it, they can take an opportunity.

Is the game included in the rulebook?

No, but each player should know how the dice and checker pieces are moved on a 4×4 board. If you play it with someone who doesn’t have this knowledge, then things might get out of hand for you.

Do I have to use all of my checkers?

Yes, you should complete them before your opponent does it so that you could win the game and become the winner.

How many checker pieces are in each set?

The maximum number is twenty-four, which makes a complete set of this game. When a player loses one of their pieces, they will get a replacement for it.


Every game has its own set of rules, and the neon checkers app is no exception. You’ll find that this game requires a lot more strategy than you might think at first glance; there are so many options to consider when it comes to moving your pieces around.

It can be challenging for some people, but if you stick with it long enough, I promise you will eventually see how easy it becomes!

In addition to being strategic, this game also provides an entirely new way of looking at the math, which may seem less intimidating because each answer depends on the number of squares in front or behind the piece.

We hope you enjoy playing our newest puzzle game as much as we enjoyed developing it!