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My Little Farm

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My Little Farm Game is a free, browser-based game that you can play on your computer. The game has been developed for players of all ages and skill levels, and it’s suitable for both children and adults.

You’ll start with an empty farm lot where you’ll need to grow crops, raise animals, collect resources, trade goods at the market, or sell them in town to make money so you can buy more land and build up your farm. There are plenty of other features such as fishing and mining too!

About My Little Farm Game

My Little Farm is a game that lets you grow and harvest your farm. This ongoing farming game will have you take care of the animals, fields, and more in this web-based farming game.

This online farm simulator gives you a chance to build your virtual farm by harvesting crops and raising animals. The game has highly detailed items in various categories, including field tools, livestock, and more.

Listen carefully to your friend’s advice to make the most out of this virtual farmer game. Once a helpful guide is found, it can be accessed at any time from the farmers’ profiles page (referring players will appear in farm owners’ friend’s list).

This online game is an ever-growing, never-ending farming simulation that will have you hooked for hours.


Cultivate your farm’s fields and plant a variety of crops to make the most profit! Raise animals, including chickens, cows, and more, on your farm with a massive variety across 20+ different species.

Tend to your farm and harvest crops, sell animals, produce, or craft goods to make money. Build houses, sheds, and other buildings that enhance your gaming experience.

Do whatever it takes to become the most successful farmer in this realistic game!


Left-click on items to perform actions such as harvesting, selling, or crafting. Scroll up/down with the mouse wheel or use the arrows to move up/down in menu panels


My Little Farm is a free online game published by The game can be played directly in your browser. No download is required.

How To Play My Little Farm Like Pro

This game is relatively easy to play once you have figured out most of its features and controls. However, sometimes it’s a wise idea to follow some professional advice on how to get the most out of your experience in “My Little Farm.”

If you ask for help, some people will be happy to guide you through the basics or give you some advanced tips on how to play. Below is the list of some valuable sources that you can find while playing this game:

1) Farming 101 – Having a guide made specifically for “My Little Farm” can be highly beneficial, as it is packed with helpful advice and strategies.

2) Trial And Error – The best way to learn how to maximize your gaming experience in this farming simulation is to try it out for yourself.

Levels Of Difficulty

New players will be able to complete their first few levels with ease. This is because the tasks and activities you are given to perform in My Little Farm, such as growing crops and tending to animals, are pretty simple initially.

You will receive some free items at the beginning of your farming journey that quickly helps you get started on this farm game.

However, as you progress from one level to the next, the tasks will slowly become more time-consuming and difficult. There is also a high probability that you may fail some of these levels at first.

The difficulty level of this game can be adjusted by simply using the in-game settings menu. By changing your system’s date, you can set your farming goals more quickly.


My Little Farm is an addictive and fun game that can be played against friends or by yourself. With a ton of features, you will never get bored.

You’ll also have the option to play with Facebook Connect, which allows you to compete in real-time against your friends on other devices!

The levels are constantly evolving, so there’s no way to know what will happen next. Download this game today for free from the App Store here.