Free Online My Little City Game - How To Play My Little City Game Like Pro

My Little City Game

Free Online My Little City Game - How To Play My Little City Game Like Pro Click to play
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Are you a city planner? Do you like puzzles? If so, then you might enjoy our new game! My Little City is an interactive and puzzle-oriented game that challenges players to solve problems faced by real-life city planners.

This game will allow gamers to plan everything from architectural design to traffic flow in their cities. Are you up for the challenge? Play this game at Frongames now and see how many stars your city can earn!

About My Little City Game

My Little City is an interactive city planner where players must plot out how various aspects of a city will be arranged. This includes things like street layout, traffic flow, and building placement.

Players must also think about accessibility to transit hubs and how much green space a particular building will have. My Little City is an ongoing project that we plan on releasing over this semester and other games.

In My Little City, you have a limited number of components that can be used to create your city. These components include roads, buildings, trees, and parks.

When you first start the game, your only option is to play in an existing city like Paris or New York City. However, once you’ve completed one of these premade cities, you can create your custom city from scratch.

The existing cities and the custom city all have the same components, but they’re arranged differently for some reason. Thus, by studying how a premade city is assembled, you can determine what sort of arrangement will work best in your custom city.

Free Online My Little City Game – How To Play My Little City Game Like Pro

Firstly, when you enter the game, you will see different things like roads, trees, and buildings. Select a particular object, then drag it to the selected place by left-clicking on the mouse button.

Secondly, once the object is placed in your city, you can add another one by right click on the mouse button or double click on the mouse.

Thirdly, when you add two or more objects in your city, you can click on the top right button, then it will show up a menu Change the direction of the road and remove the object. If you select the first option, it will change direction to left then right, and if you choose the second option, these objects will be removed.

Fourthly, when you complete the puzzle, it will show up a score and If you also want to change the view of the city so that it will look from another angle, then click on the button which is Change View, and it will show you a new scene of your city. When you click on New view, it will show you the contemporary setting of your city, and the Change View button is hidden.

Fifthly, if you want to restart a level or enjoy starting from the beginning game so that you can challenge yourself more, then click on the Restart button. When you click on this button, then you will move to the beginning game.

Sixthly, when you complete a level and want to submit your score on the leaderboard, click on the “Submit Score” button, and it will show up the new scene where you can submit your score in that level. After submitting your score then you can see your rank on the leaderboard.

Seventhly, when you are on the Create New City option and want to play your level, click on the Play your city button, and it will show up a new scene where you can create your city. You can also change the camera angle by using the left mouse’s button.

Eightly, when you want to exit from the game, click on the X button, and it will ask you if you’re going to save your progress so that you can continue next time.

Ninthly, when you start the game again and want to play your city, which is saved in last time, then select the Load Game option from the menu by clicking on the left mouse button, and it will ask you if you want to load your city which is saved or not.


My Little City Game has many features like the new scene, different camera angles, and levels for players. If students want to play a new level in this game, they need to complete the previous level first to make them more interested in the game.

My little city is an exciting way of developing one’s spatial awareness and critical thinking with its levels. It is better in many ways than the other educational games available at present.


My little city game is the best educational game in which the level of difficulty increases as a player progresses. It has new levels, and different camera angles to make the user more interested in this game so that it will be able to make them learn about spatial awareness and critical thinking.