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My Garden

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My garden Game is where you plant different flowers in pots to create your garden. You can water and fertilize the soil or use natural remedies like worm castings or coffee grounds to make your plants grow faster.

There are also many different types of plants that will award you with coins when they bloom and an interactive map for exploring more places around the world.

About My Garden Game

My Garden is a beautiful gardening game that allows you to enjoy the absolute pleasure of planting and caring for different kinds of plants.

The objective of this exciting flash game is to help your flowers grow by watering, feeding, pruning, and planting them in a very proper manner.

This fun online strategy game can be played in two ways: either complete all levels one by one, you will earn points for each level you complete. Or play all at once and not get a good score – if you like challenges, try to complete the game within the given time limit.

As this is a flash plant growing game, it features attractive graphics and very gentle sounds that help you relax while playing and enjoy your time.


This good flash game, My Garden, can be played with the help of a mouse and left-click button.


Mokono Oy develops this online version of My Garden.

How To Play

Use the arrow keys to choose a plant. If it has any, then place it in its proper place. Water it by clicking the water bag and give food to your plant using the mouse’s left-click.

Keep an eye out for pests. If you spot any, click the bug killer icon to exterminate those pests. When plants are ready for harvesting, they will have a little lamp above them – go ahead and pick them up with a left mouse click.

When you complete all the levels in this game, new plants with different characteristics will be unlocked – give them a try! Also, as you progress through the game, new helpful tools will open for your convenience.

Levels of Difficulty

Depending on how well you play, there are three difficulty levels to choose from: easy, medium, and challenging. Picking one of the levels will determine how many pests you need to kill to pass a level.


Is there anything else I get for completing all levels?

Yes, after completing each gardening stage, your points are summed, and at the end of the game, you can see the total number of flowers you have grown, the total points you have earned, and a final score for each level.

If I complete all levels, will my plants be available in the next game?

Yes, flowers/trees/fields, etc., are saved on your computer. So if you repeat this game for more fun, your previous harvest will appear!


With the release of my garden, we hope to provide you with an enjoyable and challenging game that will always keep your interest. It’s easy enough for kids to play and provides a touch of nostalgia while still being fresh in its design.

We know that there are many great games out on the market today, but download it now if you haven’t had a chance to try our new title yet!

You won’t be disappointed by how fun this game is- plus no need to worry about having friends nearby because it’s possible to match up against them online or using Facebook Connect. After reading this blog post, I encourage you to give my garden game a try!

I hope this blog post has helped you understand my garden game better, and if not, please follow me on social media for updates on when My Garden Game launches!