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My Farm

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Do you like farming games? If so, this blog post is for you. I will be talking about my farm game that I have been working on and share it with all of you. It’s a straightforward game but has a lot of fun features.

This game will be free to download and play, which means anyone can enjoy it! The game’s goal is to grow your crops and sell them for profit at the end of each season.

It would help if you also kept up with animal care, such as feeding cows or chickens for them to produce milk or eggs, respectively. There are many more aspects of the game that I cannot list here, such as upgrading buildings and harvesting trees, but we’ll get into those later!

About My Farm Game

My Farm Game is a free online game for your browser. It is intelligent with the city building and farming.

My Farm Game can be played in any modern browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, or Internet Explorer.

You have to build up a lovely farm in My Farm and make your virtual farm very fertile. You should plant vegetables, flowers and build barns to get more money from animals.

You can also grow trees and collect fruits at your farm in your free time. Most of all, you are the boss of your farm!


You just have to kill monsters or zombies in some online games, but here you can create a real farm with cows, Charolais, and many other animals.

The player can buy more land and create a larger farm for his country life simulator. You have to feed the animals in time and be careful not to let them die. Don’t forget to collect eggs from your chicken coop!


There are no controls for this game, and it works on its own.


This excellent farm simulator is created by “Jens Aasland” and his team. Development of My Farm Game is going on since 2010, and the first version was released in May 2014. In just two years, 5 million people play this game every month!

How To Play My Farm

In this game, you have to build up your farm, hire workers and productive animals. You can sell vegetables and eggs, and milk from cows, ducks, or chickens in the city market. With gold coins you earn here, you can buy field machines like tractors or harvesters.

Further, there is a possibility to purchase a sawmill or a workshop. You can sell the wood, which you cut there for more money.

There are several ways to earn money in this online game, but you should also care for your animals because they might get sick and die if you don’t give them food and water in time!

Levels Of Difficulty

The player can play this free online game on three different levels:

1. New Beginner – This is the most accessible level, where you start the game with little money and land. You have to earn money by selling vegetables and eggs as soon as possible.

If you don’t earn enough money in time, your animals will die! And if they don’t eat or drink, they will still die! Better start making money from day one!

2. Advanced Beginner – At this level, you can buy a sawmill and a workshop, where you can sell the wood you cut down in your forest. Sawmill is needed for selling it, and the workshop fulfills the condition that no trees have to be left behind after cutting them down.

3. Professional – You can buy all facilities from the shop at this level, so you have to earn far less money than with higher levels or in a new beginner account.

But there is no tutorial for this level! You see that some important things are still missing, and they are not explained in the game! So I will explain them below!


Frongames is happy to announce that we have released our newest game, my farm.

This new farming simulator will allow players to enjoy a fun and constantly evolving gameplay experience while also playing against friends on the same device or online with Facebook connect.

You can download this game by clicking here! We hope you enjoyed this post, and it helps release some of your pressure from work.