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My Candy Box

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The game, my candy box, is a fun and addicting game that tests your memory skills. You have to match the pairs of candies to keep them in your inventory.

But there are other things you need to worry about too! There are four types of challenges: matching candies by color, shape, number, or letter.

The goal is to make it through all 50 levels without running out of time or losing any lives! This will test your intelligence and patience while also giving you an opportunity for some delicious brain food.

About My Candy Box Game

My Candy Box is a puzzle game that challenges you to get the sweets in your box. This game uses your mouse or finger to control the elastic band around the My Candy Box.

You can collect more sweets by connecting four (4) or more of the same color candies horizontally or vertically. They also have a challenge mode that lets you play as hard as you can.


  • There are four unique features that we can find out in this game.
  • Accessible from any device at any time.
  • It is both simple and fun to play levels with different difficulties.
  • Different strategies need to be mastered to succeed in the challenges of each level.
  • This game offers hours of fun as you pass each level and try a more challenging level by yourself.


When you start playing the game, it will ask you to choose between levels of difficulty. There are three different difficulties available in this game which are easy, medium, and challenging. You can also go back to the main menu to change your settings anytime you want while playing a specific level.


There are three different controls available in the game. These three controls are arrow, mouse, and touch interface. You can move your finger around by touching the screen of your device.

On the other hand, you can use your mouse to play this game or use it on PC by clicking on the arrow sign located at the bottom-right corner of the top-left intersection.


Cloudcade, Inc develops my Candy Box. It was released in 2017.

How To Play My Candy Box Like Pro

The goal of this game is to get all the candies in your candy box while solving each level.

First, you can try all levels to ensure that you are ready for the next level because some levels are already accessible, but the difficulty will increase when you advance to the next level.

Second, after solving all levels individually, you can maximize your score by playing more complex challenges and getting three stars in every level.

Levels Of Difficulty

The levels of difficulty are easy, medium, and hard. It is the order where they are arranged at every level.


Some frequently asked questions that the players would like to ask about this game include:

What is My Candy Box?

It is a puzzle game where you can move your candy however you want while keeping your sweets in your candy box.

What are the System Requirements?

You need to have at least a 2Ghz Intel Pentium Processor and 512MB RAM; an Android device with version 4.0 or higher; an ios device with the latest IOS software update; a 64-bit processor.

What are the Hardware Requirements?

You need to have a screen resolution of 800×600 or higher and a 32MB Video card.


My Candy Box is a game that is easy to learn and fun for all ages. The gameplay has constantly evolving levels, so you never know what’s going to happen next.

You can play against friends on the same device or online with Facebook connect – which makes it perfect for playing together as a family! It’s also free, but if you like this post, please download my candy box here.