Free Online Monster Cleaner - How To Play Monster Cleaner Like Pro

Monster Cleaner

Free Online Monster Cleaner - How To Play Monster Cleaner Like Pro Click to play
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The monster cleaner is a game that you have to clean up the room by picking up monsters and putting them in the right place. There are three levels of difficulty, so even little children can play!

The first level is for beginners, with six monsters that don’t move around too much. Level 2 will be more difficult because twelve moving nightmares need to be picked up and put back into their spot on the floor. Finally, level 3 has 24 fast-moving monsters that need quick fingers to catch them before they get away!

This game gets kids active and teaches responsibility as they learn how to pick up what’s needed and put it back down again.

About Monster Cleaner Game

Monster Cleaner Game is a Puzzle mobile game for fans of Match 3 games. In this Monster Cleaner Game, you have to match three or more monsters, and the resulting monster disappears from the playing field.

The end goal in the game is to make it impossible for new monsters to appear on your playfield so that you can clear them all out.

You can choose to play with a friend, in which case the game will match you up with somebody playing at the same time of day.

You are then pitted against that player. However, if, for example, it is 3 am when you start your session, and it is 10 pm for your opponent, the games will be slightly slower than usual because one monster will disappear after at least 10 seconds.

This is to prevent cheating because otherwise, you could have ended the session already and claim victory for yourself while your opponent is just about to start.

In this Monster Cleaner Game, there are 25 levels per difficulty (easy, medium, or hard), with each group bringing new challenges. You can also play the levels inaccessible mode to gain unlimited lives as long as you beat the target score.

Monster Cleaner Game is a fun game and worth trying out!


The controls for Monster Cleaner Game are simple, and there is no need to look at the instructions for how to play the game because you will be able to learn it with ease by just playing through levels.


Monster Cleaner Game is developed and published by One Hundred Monsters Inc., which focuses on creating fun games for mobile phones. If you like this one, then definitely check out their other amazing mobile games!

How To Play

In this free online game, you start with 12 lives. If you lose all of them, it is Game Over!

You can use the space bar on your keyboard for (1) to make a match, but if you press down and hold Space Bar, then the monsters will be blown up before they enter in contact with each other. It is a risky move, but if it pays off, you will save lives and clear out the field in no time.

If you don’t have a keyboard or access to one, you can use your fingers instead to make matches, which works just as well.

Levels Of Difficulty

This game has three levels of difficulty, including easy, medium, and challenging. You can only play a level if you have the number of stars required to unlock it. For example, if you have 2 out of 3 stars for easy level 1, you will be able to play that one. However, you won’t see the icon for medium-level one until you earn 4 out of 6 stars.

If you want to complete the game, you will have to unlock all 25 levels in total, which can be difficult for players who are just starting and aren’t yet used to making matches quickly and efficiently enough. But worry not – if you are having troubles with a level, feel free to skip it because you don’t have to complete the game precisely in order.


What is the aim of the game?

The main aim of this Monster Cleaner Game is to make matches and clear out all monsters from the screen to pass that level.

How do I unlock new levels?

You will have to earn a certain number of stars to unlock the next level. For example, you need 6 out of 12 stars for easy level 2 and 8 out of 16 stars for hard level 3.

Is it free? If not, how much does it cost?

Yes, this game is entirely free to play!

Is it safe? Will my account be hacked? What if I get a virus from this game or any other mobile game?

Yes, our website is 100% safe – neither you nor your account will ever be compromised. Your personal information and data, such as passwords, are secured with the highest encryption technology.

What operating systems does this game support?

This free online mobile game works on Android, iOS, and all other mobile platforms such as Windows Phone.


After reading this post, we hope you will find the Monster Cleaner game is helpful for you to download and enjoy it.

This app has more exciting and constantly evolving features for single-player or multiplayer play on a device or online through Facebook connect. Download today from iTunes App Store or Google Play store.