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Minion Lab

Free Online Minion Lab - How To Play Minion Lab Like Pro Click to play
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Minion Lab is a game created by the developers at Gameloft. This game aims to create an army of minions and make them fight for you to take over the world. This game can be played on IOS, Android, or Windows phones.

The story begins with your character waking up from a long sleep and realizing that evil forces led by Queen Eliza have conquered him.

Your mission is to become powerful enough so that you can defeat her and take back what rightfully belongs to you: the Kingdom! To do this, you must gather a team of Minions willing to follow your orders and fight alongside you against all odds!

About Minion Lab Game

Free Online Minion Lab is a fantastic game developed by Jaow Games. The free online minion lab is the most popular game in search engines like Google. The main objective of this level-based puzzle game is to collect all the hearts in each stage without touching them or losing your life.

You can gain extra points by grabbing and eating ice creams and pies at each stage. You can even cross the level easily by earning stars at the end of each level by completing your mission within a given time limit. The unique feature of this game is that you have to use Minions as objects to pass all levels.

You have seven lives or chances, failing which you will lose one life point, and your game will be over. If you collect all the hearts, a big chest with lots of prizes will open for you and hence it is essential to gather souls at each stage or level. So go ahead and play this fantastic game.



There are two modes of the game in this minion lab game. One is the access mode, and another is the time mode. You can take as much time you want to play the level at your own pace in the access mode.

On the other hand, you will get a specific time limit for completing your mission in time mode. You only have to focus on the task and complete it within the given time limit.

You will see that the mouse pointer is changed into a triangle arrow or information, which indicates the direction of your minion. As shown by the hand on your screen, you have to move this cursor from one end of the level to the other end to gather hearts in each stage.

Besides this, you will also see that a cross-hair pointer is used to throw your minion. You can quickly move the cursor by dragging it with your mouse button or keypad.

You can even use arrow keys to control the movement of your minions from one end of the level or stage to the other end. But I would suggest you use a mouse. It is straightforward and convenient to use.


You can also see a disk icon used for moving all the minions at one time or rather several minions at one time. You have to point it to where you want your minion(s) to throw, and they will immediately be thrown in that direction.

Postmortem mode

This is the unique feature of this minion lab game. In this mode, you can restart your level any number of times or even infinite times, provided you have a life(s) left to do so. You click on an icon in blue shape, and all will be reset to normal status quickly.

The above is all about controls of this free online minion lab game. So it would help if you tried to play the game once to get familiar with these controls.

How To Play Minion Lab Game

The level designs are straightforward to play in this minion lab game. You have to clear all the hearts on a stage without touching them or crossing the line drawn by your leader or boss. You can cross these lines only when you move your mouse pointer over them.

If you want to cross the line, move your mouse pointer over it and keep it on until a thick red vertical bar appears. But after crossing that line, you will lose one life point, or rather you will be pushed back automatically beyond that line. So use this feature wisely in the gameplay of the minion lab game.

Each stage(level) has a fixed number of hearts, and you have to gather all the hearts on that stage within the given time limit. You will see a big red heart or icon at one end of each level, indicating lives or chances left for you. You can collect the hearts by moving your cursor over them.

You can even move all the minions present in your team at a time by dragging your mouse pointer over a disk icon. It can be seen near the hearts on each stage or level of this minion lab game.

You have to complete all levels to clear this minion lab game. It would help if you also tried time mode to score more points using online Minion Lab tips.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions on the minion lab game. It will help if you read this article before playing minion lab to learn more about it.

What is the main objective of this minion lab game? I mean, what should we do in each stage or level of this free online Minion Lab?

In this puzzle, you have to gather hearts at each level to complete it within the given time limit. So you have to try your best to figure all the hearts on a stage without touching them or crossing the line drawn by your leader or boss.

How many stages are included in this minion lab game?

You will see more than 30 levels of minion lab online. That means you will play this puzzle game for hours in your free time.

Is there any timer included in this minion lab game?

Yes, you have to collect all the hearts on a stage within the given time limit. If you fail to do so, you will lose one life or restart that level again and try to complete it as soon as possible.

How can I save my current level or stage in this minion lab?

You will get many chances to play each level again and again. But if you want to restart your level any time, click on the disk icon, which is placed near the hearts of that particular stage.

If you have already used up all your lives(chances) during gameplay, click on the blue shape icon, which is placed in the top right of the screen. You will be able to restart your level after that.


Have you tried Minion Lab? Why not download it for yourself and see what all the hype is about!

You’ll be glad that you did, especially if we were able to help in any way with this review of one of our favorite games ever made by an independent developer.

Download Minion Lab here and have fun playing against friends on the same device or online with Facebook connect. Happy gaming!