Free Online Mine Rescue Game - How To Play Mine Rescue Game Like Pro

Mine Rescue Game

Free Online Mine Rescue Game - How To Play Mine Rescue Game Like Pro Click to play
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Mine Rescue Game is a game that students from the University of Pittsburgh created. This game aims to save miners who are trapped deep in the mine after an explosion. Players must solve puzzles and navigate various obstacles while avoiding dangers such as explosions, smoke, and collapsing floors.

This game would be fun for people who enjoy solving problems or playing games with strategy involved. If you need a challenge game, then try it at Frongames now. 

Free Online Mine Rescue Game – How To Play Mine Rescue Game Like Pro

 The player will begin in a long mining tunnel and make their way through the maze. Along the way, various objects can be found.

Some of these include supplies that can help the player solve puzzles further into the cave, while others allow visual enjoyment as one makes their way through the tunnel.

Some of these objects include fire, oil drums, candles, and torches that can be lit to provide more light as one continues through the cave.

Other items such as a fallen ladder and rocks in the player’s path block their path until they can be moved aside with an object like a crowbar. Fans can also be used to cool down the player from high temperatures. 


  • Amazing rewards: You will find excellent tips on your journey to the
  • There are hundreds of levels: You won’t get bored of the more than 400 levels and endless hours of gameplay.
  • You can play anywhere, any time: Whether you have hours to spare or just commute, mine rescue can provide a 5-minute break and hours of fun gaming.
  • Challenge your brain: Mine rescue is easy to learn, but it will test your logic skills.
  • You can customize your cave: Buying furniture can transform your cold cave into an inviting home.


This game can be entertaining and engaging. It allows players to use problem-solving skills while also providing a unique gaming experience.

It is a game that would likely appeal to most everyone, from the casual gamer who wants an alternative activity for entertainment to the avid player looking for something different from other games within this genre or style.