Free Online Mango Mania Game - How To Play Mango Mania Game Like Pro

Mango Mania Game

Free Online Mango Mania Game - How To Play Mango Mania Game Like Pro Click to play
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The Mango Mania Game is a new iOS game that has created a buzz in the app store. The game’s goal is to tap on as many mangoes as possible before time runs out and be careful not to touch any other fruits. Players are rewarded with two points for each mango they tap but lose one for every other fruit they hit.

To make things even more challenging, players must also avoid touching their fingers or anything else! If you’re looking for an addictive, free-to-play mobile game, then this might be what you’re looking for! Let’s experience this game at Frongames now. 

Mango Mania Game Overview

Mango Mania is a match-three game where players tap on as many mangoes as possible before time runs out. There are 75 levels available, and although there isn’t any storyline, the colorful graphics will keep you entertained for hours. The Mango Mania Game features two control modes: use fingers to tap or tap anywhere on the screen.

Players can also turn sound effects and music on or off. The app is free to download, but the free version only allows you to play the first 20 levels. To unlock the others, you must buy a $2.99 IAP which unfortunately makes it less attractive. Some ads occasionally pop up between games which can be annoying for some players.

The game is available on both the iPhone and iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

When downloaded, it may need up to 155 MB of storage space, although it usually requires less than 15 MB of space to be stored in your device. It’s important to note that Mango Mania will need its Internet connection to be played, so it’s essential to ensure that you’re connected to the internet before playing the game.

Free Online Mango Mania Game – How To Play Mango Mania Game Like Pro

Click the “Play” button to start playing this game

Then, could you open it and choose a level? You can choose from easy to challenging groups based on players’ interests.

When you start playing a level, you need to tap on the mango as many as possible within 3 minutes. Be careful not to touch other fruits and avoid touching your finger.

When you succeed in going through a level and completing it, you will get some points that can be used to purchase power-ups in the shop like extra time, freeze fruit, and more.

You can also unlock other levels by spending your trophies, such as extra time, freeze fruit, and more. 

Beginner Tips

1-Free tool: it is the energy used in this match -3 game. Use it wisely!

2-Unlock the other levels: Have you finished all the stories in a specific stage? Unlock different stages by using your trophies.

3-Good Finger Control: Players have to improve their finger control and speed reaction to win the game. Practice makes perfect!

4-Think smartly: The more players play this game, they will learn how to figure out the most appropriate item to use when playing a level.


Mango Mania is one of the best match-three games available on the App Store with vibrant and colorful graphics, highly addictive gameplay, well-designed interfaces, and more. The game also features high-quality soundtracks that will keep you entertained for hours.

There are 75 levels available in Mango Mania that players will play and enjoy each of them! In addition, there are also power-ups such as extra time, freeze fruit, and more, which will help you pass every game level successfully. The tools offered by Mango Mania can be purchased using the trophies you earned by playing games.

What’s New In This Version?

Game Center Support: Mango Mania now supports achievements and leaderboards through Game Center! Players can compare their performance with other players around the world.


We hope that you will enjoy this game as much as we have enjoyed creating it for all of you! If you do not like our game style, let us know in the comments below, and if you like it, don’t forget to rate our game!