Free Online Mahjongg Alchemy Game - How To Play Mahjongg Alchemy Game Like Pro

Mahjongg Alchemy Game

Free Online Mahjongg Alchemy Game - How To Play Mahjongg Alchemy Game Like Pro Click to play
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Do you love to play Mahjongg? Are you looking for a new twist on your favorite game that is challenging and fun? With the Alchemy Game from Boredom Fighter, It has just what you are looking for! In this fast-paced game, players must match tiles by color or number to create chains.

If no more moves can be made, then it’s time to shuffle! But beware! You’ll need quick reflexes and sharp eyesight if you want to beat your opponent! Let’s try Mahjongg Alchemy at Frongames with us.

Mahjongg Alchemy Game Overview

Mahjongg Alchemy Game is a variation of MahjongMahjong, which is a tile-based game that originated in China. The game’s objective is to remove blocks or tiles by matching them with two identical tiles and removing them from play. Doing this at the right time can lead you to win.

Ever played MahjongMahjong before? Don’t worry; this game has simple, easy-to-master rules that will have you playing like a pro in no time! The tiles are numbered 1 through 144 and are made up of four suits: Bamboo, Orchids, Circles, and Characters.

While all these terms might sound foreign to you at first glance, don’t worry! The game comes with a handy glossary for easy reference. Before you know it, matching tiles will be second nature to you!

Free Online Mahjongg Alchemy Game – How To Play Mahjongg Alchemy Game Like Pro

1. Review the glossary of terms. This is a must to fully understand the game and be able to play it with ease. You may also check out the manual for more information.

2. Check your player level by tapping My Level. The Top Player is represented by Grandmaster, while Novice is only the beginning of the ladder. You may level up by playing more games and accomplishing specific tasks explained to you later in this guide. Higher levels mean better chances of receiving points, so it is a good idea to start leveling up right away!

3. Click Play to choose which game you want to join. You may select either single or multiplayer mode depending on what you are looking for in a game. You may also choose the number of players and their skill levels.

4. Pick your tiles to start the game using the Draw button. After making your choice, click on a tile again to draw another one or press Back to cancel your action.

5. Match tiles by color or number! You can only match like tiles, i.e., two blue circles cannot be matched with a red circle. The game will highlight the matching tiles for you to see them.

6. Click the “Chain” button to get a hint. You will be able to see all the possible moves on your current tiles, and you can even try it out with one flick of a finger! As much as this is helpful when you are stuck, note that using hints will cost you points! But don’t worry, not all of them are vital to winning the game.

7. When you complete a chain, it will disappear and give you points! Every matching pair you make contributes to your current point total. On top of that, clicking on Quick Score will reveal hidden bonus tiles that may increase or decrease your score depending on what you get.

8. If you can’t make any moves, it’s time to shuffle! But be careful if a tile is on its side when the shuffle ends, it will turn over and become a new tile! Theoretically speaking, these tiles are not gone forever.

Tips for beginner

  • Familiarize yourself with the four suits. If you know the meaning of Orchids, Circles, and Characters at a glance, then it will be easier to play Mahjongg Alchemy Game online. The Links section will provide you with more valuable information related to this game.
  • Create chains using colors or numbers to earn more points. Even if you aren’t lucky enough to make extra tiles, the points will still add up just the same!
  • Use your hints sparingly. This is especially important when playing a multiplayer match or at higher levels where each clue can cost up to 100 points! While it may be tempting to use hints frequently when stuck, don’t forget about the cost.
  • Try to focus on what is directly in front of you. Sometimes there will be unique titles that can catch you off guard if your eyes aren’t carefully watching for them!


  • Multiplayer games! Play against other players online in an exciting and challenging game of mahjongg.
  • Single-player games! Practice your skills against the computer in a one-on-one match or play randomly generated puzzles.
  • Create chains to gain points and earn extra moves. Use these moves wisely because you only have so many — if you run out, then it’s time to shuffle!
  • Unique bonus tiles that could increase or decrease your points. Watch out for these, especially when you are trying to reach the top of the leaderboards!
  • Making four matches will give you a unique tile that allows you extra retries if all is lost on your current board. This can help you out of a tight spot be careful not to waste it!


Mahjong is a game where you need to have a little luck and a lot of brains. In Mahjongg Alchemy Game Online, the Alchemy refers not only to piecing together tiles but also in matching them swiftly with others.

Thanks for reading our guide! I hope you learned a new game from this article. Download and try it now!