Free Online Mahjong Story Game - How To Play Mahjong Story Game Like Pro

Mahjong Story Game

Free Online Mahjong Story Game - How To Play Mahjong Story Game Like Pro Click to play
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Mahjong Story game is an adaptation of the puzzle game called mahjong. It also has a beautiful story. Moreover, there are plentiful playable characters that each have their unique skills and special moves to be considered a fighting type of tile-matching puzzle game.

It has over 60 stages and four difficulty levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert. Playable characters have ranged from 15 different personalities: cheerful, soldier, scare, etc. And this game is available on Frongames.

Free Online Mahjong Story Game – How To Play Mahjong Story Game Like Pro

Firstly, the player selects an available character. Then it is time to play the game. The stage starts with few tiles on it, and after a short period, more tiles will be randomly generated on top of those existing tiles:

they either appear at the top or bottom row. Each tile has a number in them, and besides numbers, there are unique tiles that will show on the middle row: limited time tiles, combination, and special ability/attack tiles.

Those limited-time tiles can provide extra points or dice to players if they can combine them with other tiles quickly enough. If they have not been matched in time, they will disappear, and the player’s score will decrease/lose dice.

The combination tiles are always matched together to increase points or remove all tiles on the game board. Those unique ability tiles allow players to cast spells with different effects such as turning all of the tile faces over, switch positions of any two tiles, etc. Players are advised to make good use of them.

The game can be paused and exited anytime, but the player will lose lives if they abandon the current game in progress. When a level is cleared, there will be another level loaded for the next play immediately without watching an advertisement. It is easy, fun, and exciting.

Tips For Gameplay

The number of tiles increases gradually in the game, especially on stage 3~8 in difficulty levels. Therefore, players are encouraged to combine and remove all of them as quickly as possible.

The player can only get a dice point when they match tiles with different colors together, so they are advised to use the tiles with numbers to increase score and remove all of them.

The unique ability/attack tiles are handy, so players are encouraged to match them together to cast spells such as changing tile faces, removing all the blocked tiles, etc. That will bring about more possibilities and higher scores for players.

These spell abilities can be used when the player has dice points. They can use them freely, so players are encouraged to wait until they get more points by matching tiles with different colors together before using any special ability/attack.

The limited-time tiles also provide extra points and dice; however, once it is matched with other tiles, the game will automatically pause for a while and then resume again.

When the player deletes those limited-time tiles, they will be rewarded immediately with points or dice, and the game can be continued with no pause.

If two free-moving tiles are matched together, the game will automatically rotate them to fill in a gap in their location.

However, if two identical tiles are matched together, they will not turn, and the game will automatically block them from rotating.

Players are encouraged to take advantage of this part when playing the game because it increases scores and removes blocks more quickly than other ways.

Although there are many unique ability tiles against regular free-moving tiles, players need to use them because they can help increase scores and remove complex blocks.

Players are encouraged to pay more attention to those combinations during the free-game period, mainly when many free-moving tiles appear on the game board, and their hands are full with those regular free-moving tiles.


It’s a good game that provides the same excitement as playing mahjong with family and friends in real life. The features of this game are based on the rules of traditional mahjong, but the combination, effects, and special abilities are unique and exciting. Therefore players will find it fun to play this game repeatedly even if they have played it for a long time. Download and try it now!