Free Online Mahjong Connect Game - How To Play Mahjong Connect Game Like Pro

Mahjong Connect Game

Free Online Mahjong Connect Game - How To Play Mahjong Connect Game Like Pro Click to play
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Mahjong Connect is a game that requires strategy, patience, and luck. It has been around for many centuries in China and is now becoming popular worldwide. In this blog post, Frongames will break down how to play Mahjong Connect while explaining some tips and tricks you can use to get ahead of your opponents.

This game is played by two players who take turns matching tiles with a goal to either have the most pairs or be the first person to completely clear all the tiles from their side of the board.

The player on each turn must match open pairs of identical tiles, if any exist, but may also draw one tile from either’s pile at random or choose which bank they wish to remove from, provided both piles are not empty.

About Mahjong Connect

Mahjong Connect can be played alone as a solitaire game. Mahjong Solitaire is entirely different from traditional Chinese Mahjong but still uses the same tile images. There are many Mahjong solitaire variations. Some include shuffling tiles, and others have “wildcard” tiles that offer additional functions beyond the regular game.

Free Online Mahjong Connect Game – How To Play Mahjong Connect Game Like Pro

Each player starts with 14 tiles. The objective is to get the most pairs or be the first person out of the game. When you’re ready to start, click “Play” and then select a difficulty level.

To begin the match, both players turn over one tile from their pile. The player who started first always goes first unless they are out of tiles, in which case the other person begins.

If you are unable to make a move, it is considered a pass, and you lose your turn as long as your opponent had any available tiles to match with.

The game is over when a player gets four pairs in each suit, the seventh tile is drawn, and no one has won yet. The winner is whoever had the most pairs then. If there are multiple winners, then they all get equal credit for winning.

If a player accidentally discards a tile the same as a pair, they can use a particular item to get it back. A Mahjong doll, if available, can be used to revive any discarded tiles.

In the case where no mahjong dolls are available, you can still keep playing with a reduced hand size of 13 tiles after your 10th turn or less.


Games against real players are quick, which makes them ideal for someone with limited time and patience. The games tend to be more pleasant because the computer opponents aren’t so aggressive or crafty.

Mahjong Connect has a ranking system that is typical of most online mahjong games. It uses a point system to rank each player. The higher the rank, the more experienced and skill you’ve accumulated in the game over time.

Mahjong Connect has various player modes, including ranked, unranked, and practice games, all with real players. There are also single-player modes against computer opponents such as Alpha or Beta, depending on your preferred difficulty level. You can even choose the look of your computer opponent before starting a game.


Mahjong Connect is an exciting mahjong game that offers something for everyone from beginners to veterans alike. The first round is unique, allowing players to enjoy their favorite parts of Mahjong while bringing in some new and challenging twists. Like all online games, it may take a while to get used to the game controls and features, but it’s worth a try.