Free Online Mahjong Adventure Game - How To Play Mahjong Adventure Game Like Pro

Mahjong Adventure Game

Free Online Mahjong Adventure Game - How To Play Mahjong Adventure Game Like Pro Click to play
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Mahjong Adventure is an interactive way to explore the world of mahjong. Players can create their avatars and earn points by playing in exhibition matches or tournaments. There are also side quests that will reward players for completing challenges such as finding treasure chests or dragons, among other things.

The graphics are high quality, making it a good choice for people who enjoy puzzle games or those looking for something fun to do on a rainy day! And this game has been available at Frongames.

Mahjong Adventure Game Overview

There are many different ways to play Mahjong Adventure Game online:

Exhibition matches allow players to choose the difficulty level, number of opponents and add particular challenges.

Players can also opt to join a League. These tournaments last for several rounds and usually have multiple levels through which it will grow increasingly difficult with each new game until there is a winner. 

Players can also create their tournaments. The website offers a large number of tools to make creating them easy and fun. Players may choose the prizes, format, and length of time it will be held for and other factors such as entry fee or whether using a password is necessary to enter the tournament.

Player’s avatars can also be customized with items they earn or trade for throughout the game. The avatar can be further enhanced by purchasing accessories and clothing with the points players have earned by completing quests, finding treasure chests, and beating opponents in matches.

Free Online Mahjong Adventure Game – How To Play Mahjong Adventure Game Like Pro

Step 1: Click the “Play Now” button, then you will see the following screen.

Step 2: Choose your difficulty level (Beginner or Expert) from your experience playing mahjong games online, then click “PLAY NOW!” to start and move ahead.

Step 3: Start a new game, and now you will see the following screen:

Step 4: Click the “Create New Character” button to create a new character, then you will see this page with several items for customization:

Step 5: Choose your mahjong playstyle; choose either English or Chinese (Simplified) language on your computer. 

Step 6: Create your avatar! Choose the items you like best for your character.

Step 7: You can also start playing right away without creating a player profile, but you will not be able to track points and progress if you do so. When ready, click the “Continue” button to move ahead. 

Step 8: Choose your play mode depending on skill level or the number of opponents, then click the “Continue” button to move ahead. 

Step 9: To begin the game, click the corresponding top left corner of the board with your mouse. You can drag a tile from the bottom onto any open space on the upper half of the board, or you can swap two tiles if they are next to each other. Your goal is to create 4-tile groups called melds.

Step 10: When you are finished placing your tiles, click the garbage can button, and all of the tiles that are not in a meld will be discarded. 

Step 11: The goal is to clear all of the pairs of identical tiles from the board. You cannot choose which tile you get, so sometimes it’s better to create a meld with the ones you are left with. You can only match tiles that are on the same row or along the same column.


  • Multiplayer mode: Two players matches
  • Single-player mode: From 1 to 4 computer opponents, anywhere from 5 levels to 50 levels.
  • New tournament games weekly.
  • Two-player mode with different difficulty levels
  • Tournament system


Mahjong Adventure is one of the few free mahjong games online that also offers two-player matches and a tournament setting that allows players to challenge each other. This game is fun to play even if you know nothing about mahjong, and it’s easy enough for beginners to get started right away.

The controls are straightforward; the player can use keyboard or mouse control while playing. The theme is good, no violence, and you don’t need additional hardware devices. It’s a good mahjong game for girls and kids.