Free Online Mahjong 3D Game - How To Play Mahjong 3D Game Like Pro

Mahjong 3D Game

Free Online Mahjong 3D Game - How To Play Mahjong 3D Game Like Pro Click to play
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Mahjong 3D Game is an online mahjong game where players can play mahjong games on a computer or iPad. You can learn some knowledge of Mahjong and Mah Jongg, and you can get much fun playing a colorful but straightforward game.

This game is available at Frongames. You will enjoy this game very much if you like flash mahjong games, especially the 3d-mahjong. The 3D Mahjong has a stronger appeal than the traditional ones; it’s more attractive and realistic when playing.

Free Online Mahjong 3D Game – How To Play Mahjong 3D Game Like Pro

There are six different game modes in this 3d Mahjong game: Classic, Random, Marathon, Time Attack, Survival, and Chinese. Memorize your favorite rules and enjoy the game.

The classic mode is just as simple as it should be. You will play a series of 90 mahjong matches with identical tilesets. There’s nothing new here, but it’s an excellent way to get yourself into the game.

The Random mode presents you with a selection of each mahjong tile available in the game, then shuffles them up. This is essentially like playing traditionally, except you have no choice over which tiles are dealt out.

The Marathon mode has you play through, you guessed it, 90 matches of Mahjong to clear the board. These can be removed as fast or as slow as you like; either way, you will have to win them all to complete this mode.

The Time Attack mode is a race against the clock; for every second that you take completing a level, one minute will be added to the clock. This mode requires a lot of patience, but if you take your time and plan (not that easy), you’ll do just fine.

The Survival mode is a test of speed; one tile will be removed from the board every ten seconds until it’s completely cleared. You’ll need quick reflexes and an ability to plan in this mode. There’s nothing else to it, really; you’ll have to wait and see if your hands move fast enough.

The Chinese model is a collection of 90 luck-based levels that can only be cleared by memorizing the rules. You have no say over what tiles will be placed on the board or in what order, so all you can do is hope the tiles are dealt with in your favor.

The Rules of the Game

Mahjong 3D Game includes many levels; each level is more complex than the previous one. On some stories, you can’t finish in time or get a final score below a specific value; you will have to replay it again and again.

The principle is simple: match the tiles with the same pattern, remove them quickly before time runs out. You can choose the difficulty level according to your ability and enjoy yourself in this fantastic game.

Game Features

  • Have different levels, need you complete one by one, with different difficulties;
  • Have a lot of beautiful scenes;
  • Having a special mahjong 3D effect, which can give you a better experience;
  • Having classic mahjong 3d tiles;


Mahjong is one of the most popular Chinese leisure games for over 100 years. It’s time-consuming but straightforward and addictive, especially the Mahjong 3D Game simulated by computer or iPad. If you haven’t played Mahjong before, don’t worry! It’s easy for you to enjoy it. You can get experience and information here at Frongames.