Free Online Magic Bunnies - How To Play Magic Bunnies Like Pro

Magic Bunnies

Free Online Magic Bunnies - How To Play Magic Bunnies Like Pro Click to play
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Magic bunnies is a game that teaches children about the importance of saving and spending their money. It consists of two decks, one deck for the banker, and one deck for each player.

The goal of the game is to collect as many cards as possible from both decks to win.

Players take turns drawing two cards until they have collected all five different types of cards: cash, clothes, food, house, car. When players get a pair or more matching card sets (of any kind), they can trade them with other players for whatever they want!

About Magic Bunnies Game

Magic Bunnies Game is an arcade game where the player has to play Magic Bunnies, appointed by magic powers and assigned the critical task of cultivating the land. This free online MagicBunnies game makes a great break from the serious stuff and promises hours of fun.

The objective of this addictive Flash-based game is to match three bunnies of the same kind before they vanish. Each bunny in this free online Magic Bunnies game has a unique special ability to help you reach the goal.


Three special magic powers to help you in this game of matching bunnies.

The first bunny has the power to split into 2, thereby doubling your chances of winning every time you match three or more identical bunnies.

The second bunny splits into 4, which means that once you manage to match three identical ones, all 4 of them make their way to the exit in this game.

As for the third bunny can melt into a puddle of water, which means that any Bunnies trapped behind it get released.


To aim your magic arrow, hold down the left mouse button, move your cursor over the screen, and let go of the button fire when you have desired.

The magic arrow can change colors; for it to hit any of the bunnies that need to be matched, it must match the exact color of the bunny.


The free online Magic Bunnies game is developed by PopCap Games, which produce many addictive games such as Bejeweled, Zuma Deluxe, and Bookworm Deluxe.

How To Play

Select any level of difficulty you wish to play, based on the number of bunnies in each level.

The more bunnies there are, the greater your chances of winning are but don’t be too greedy as you will get fewer points for each match made.

Try and match three or more identical bunnies to make them disappear and gather points.

You can earn more scores by matching four bunnies of the same kind or by making chain reactions.

Your objective in this free online Magic Bunnies game is to match as many bunnies as possible before they vanish, though you will have a limited amount of moves because you are playing against time.

In this game, every bunny that comes to the exit is counted as 1 point.

Points are also calculated on how many matching bunnies there were before they vanished, and a chain reaction will be rewarded with higher energies.

Levels of Difficulty

The number of bunnies in the game increases with difficulty, making it difficult to reach the goal.

In every level of difficulty, there will be a certain number of moves that you can make, and once you have used them up, your game ends.


What Happens if I Match More than 3 Bunnies?

This will not give you any points, so don’t waste your time by trying to do so!

When can I move the magic arrow?

You can start moving it immediately as soon as you have clicked on it, as it will disappear after a few seconds.

What is Chain Reaction?

It happens when you match 3 or 4 bunnies of the same kind, resulting in them getting released and earning you more points.


The magic bunnies game is an excellent addition to any family’s mobile device. It has an exciting and evolving gameplay that players of all ages can enjoy, whether alone or against friends on the same machine.

This game will also allow you to connect with your Facebook account to compete online as well. If you have any questions about this app, don’t hesitate to drop us a comment below!