Free Online Little Farm Clicker - How To Play Little Farm Clicker Like Pro

Little Farm Clicker

Free Online Little Farm Clicker - How To Play Little Farm Clicker Like Pro Click to play
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Little Farm Clicker is a game that has been around for quite some time, and now it’s available on the App Store. The gameplay is simple: two buttons, one to plow the land and another to plant seeds, which can then be harvested for cash.

Players can collect their crops every 12 hours or so, and they can buy upgrades with in-game money. Some power-ups help players level up faster by giving them more coins or planting new fields instantly – this will make the process of accumulating large amounts of money even more accessible!

About Little Farm Clicker Game

Little Farm Clicker is ready to get you into the world of farm games once again. It is possible to make good use of available plants and animals on your land, which will help you earn more cash per time. You need to upgrade them for better results in no time.

The game features simple controls. You will indeed be confused initially, but don’t worry. You’ll find a way to find your way around the game’s mechanics.

Don’t miss out on this chance and make sure you do as much tapping as possible while running Little Farm Clicker today!


  • Simple gameplay.
  • Upgradeable plants and animals.
  • Crates and missions to multiply earnings.


The controls of the game are simple, and one can quickly get the hang of it. One needs to click on the plants or animals, allowing them to do their job until they deplete their energy levels.

Clicking on buildings will let you purchase upgrades for them, multiplying their outputs to make you richer. Don’t forget to collect cash from your towers and plants now and then for more money on hand.

How To Play Little Farm Clicker Like Pro

To play the game like a pro, one must focus more on tapping regularly. Building upgrades are also significant as they multiply the revenues, and it is possible to earn more money without having to place additional plants. Remember, building upgrades are permanent, too, so be sure to purchase them first before anything else.

Following missions can also help one earn more money as they will have their payouts multiplied by the number of tasks you will complete. Don’t forget about crates either, as they have free rewards, including gems and coins. Never forget to claim these crates, as they can help you in your progress!

Little Farm Clicker is a simple yet fun game that one should try out without a doubt. It brings the player back to the world of farm games once more while also letting them experience an exciting adventure with their favorite animals and plants.


If you enjoy collecting and farming games, then this post is for you. We’ve reviewed little farm clicker to see if it offers the same amount of fun as other similar games with a more competitive edge.

Our conclusion? It does! Although some features could be improved, we found that playing against friends or online on Facebook connect made up for any shortcomings in gameplay.

Downloading this app at the end of our review will bring back your favorite game anytime you want- even when offline!