Free Online La Times Sunday Crossword Game - How To Play La Times Sunday Crossword Game Like Pro

La Times Sunday Crossword Game

Free Online La Times Sunday Crossword Game - How To Play La Times Sunday Crossword Game Like Pro Click to play
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La Times Sunday Crossword is a word game that tests your language skill. It contains three categories: Across, Down, and In addition to this, it also can determine your puzzle-solving ability. You need to be very careful when solving this game. Let’s try this game at Frongames right now.

Free Online La Times Sunday Crossword Game – How To Play La Times Sunday Crossword Game Like Pro

Before you start the game, you need to know how to play this game. For your information, the game player can select three difficulties: easy, medium, and challenging.

Once you have set the difficulty level of the crossword puzzle later by La Times Sunday Crossword that you want to solve, you will be given a starting time.

It would help if you guessed the hidden word or phrase by using your brain. There will be a time limit for you, so try to solve this crossword puzzle as soon as possible on each difficulty level. You must know that you can undo your answer if you don’t like it.

Step by step to play this game:

1. This game is played by mouse only.

2. Click the play button to start this word game.

3. Your time will begin when you begin playing it; you need to be careful on every minute because your time will decrease as soon as possible, and you can’t extend your time again after it has been reduced. If your time has already ended, you will not be allowed to play this game anymore.

4. You can select the difficulty level of Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword: easy, medium, and hard firstly without playing it; then, once you have chosen it, click the start button to go into your selected difficulty level of the word game.

5. You need to select the crossword puzzle that you want to play. You can choose all of them, one by one or randomly, by click on the arrow button at the top right corner of Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Game.

6. Solve this game through three categories: across, down, and in addition. Put your mouse cursor on a blank area, and you can see the clue of a hidden word. If you want to change your answer, press the undo button; if the time has already ended and you didn’t finish this game, then you will not get any points at all!

7. Once you have solved all crossword puzzle on each difficulty level of Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword, you will get a score.

8. You can save your score by submitting it to Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword server. This game also has an achievement system.

You can see the highest score you have achieved among other players in this Crossword game. The more complex level, the higher point that you will gain from solving the crossword puzzle.


La Times Sunday Crossword game has three difficulty levels: easy, medium, and challenging. You can select the one you want to play when you start this word game, or it will choose randomly for you based on your difficult level set before starting this puzzle game.

This word game also has three categories: Across, Down, and In addition to this. You are free to choose anyone that you want to solve a crossword puzzle, or you can select all of them at the same time if you’re going to challenge yourself into solving Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Game as soon as possible on each difficulty level of this word game.


The good thing about Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword is that you can start playing it right away without waiting long.

Also, you don’t need to download this word game just by clicking the link above because thousands of players have played it, and they have provided good reviews about this word game on the internet.

You should follow some tips to solve a crossword puzzle quickly; if you want to play it offline or on your computer, then download La Times Sunday Crossword first.