Free Online Jewel Hunt Game - How To Play Jewel Hunt Game Like Pro

Jewel Hunt Game

Free Online Jewel Hunt Game - How To Play Jewel Hunt Game Like Pro Click to play
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Do you like to scavenge for treasure? Well, we have the perfect game for you! The Jewel Hunt Game is a match-3 puzzle game where players can win prizes by beating levels and earning gems. With every level completed, new features are unlocked, and more classes open up.

Players do not need an internet connection to play this game as it is all offline fun. If you’re looking for a way to kill some time in between meetings or while waiting on your lunch date, then check it out at Frongames now.

Free Online Jewel Hunt Game – How To Play Jewel Hunt Game Like Pro

Step 1: Click the “Play” button to play this game.

Step 2: All levels are opened. You can play any level you want to start to play this game. Warning: The game is highly addictive!

Step 3: Match three or more jewels of the same color to eliminate them from the board and gain points for combos. Try to earn as many points as you can before time runs out.

Step 4: Buy gold coins and then exchange them for boosters. Boosters will help you to destroy more jewels to gain more points. The game level is getting higher when you proceed with the levels, so try your best to win it!


  • Fun and addictive gameplay!
  • Well-designed graphics!
  • Cool special effects!
  • Many great levels! Many challenges are still waiting for you to conquer.


This game is very addictive. It may cause a severe addiction to you and your friends, so be careful with it! We hope our guide is helpful for you.