Free Online Jelly Slice - How To Play Jelly Slice Like Pro

Jelly Slice

Free Online Jelly Slice - How To Play Jelly Slice Like Pro Click to play
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There is a new game on the market for people who enjoy puzzles. The Jelly Slice Game is a classic puzzle that has been around for many years and continues to be famous among all age groups. This game can be played alone or with friends, making it a great way to spend time outside work or school.

The goal of this game is to move the jelly pieces from one side of the grid to the other without getting stuck in between two pieces of jelly.

You can also complete levels where there are different obstacles like walls and spikes that make it more challenging than just moving blocks back and forth across a grid.

About Jelly Slice Game

Jelly Slice is a game about feeding jellies with fruits by slicing a cake. This online version of the Jelly slice game has the same rules. Fruits are given at the bottom of the screen, and your job is to cut all treats to feed them to hungry jellies.

This small but challenging puzzle flash game is an excellent way to kill your boredom because you get rid of that feeling of emptiness and desperation by playing this game.

You can have tons of fun with Jelly Slice, which has the feature to connect in multiplayer mode. Nowadays, it’s also famous for having a Facebook version where players could play and challenge their friends in this exciting game. The rules are pretty simple. You need to cut the jelly and make sure hungry jellies will eat all pieces.

As the level goes higher, it becomes more challenging because there is less space for you to move around. You need an excellent tactic to beat this game and gain three stars from each level.


There are plenty of unique features. Here we list the most important ones:

  • Various skins will be added to give you a variety of options.
  • Scores, time spent for each round, etc.
  • Funny animations show what’s going on both in the background and foreground.
  • For advertisers, there is a special offer to place their ads in this game.
  • Multiplayer mode will help you to play with people all over the world.


Here are some details about every control that you should know to get familiar with this game. A lot of players use several fingers for cutting and moving the pieces but if you are one of them, make sure your display device is touch-enabled:

Slice the Cake: You need to make sure that hungry jellies will eat all fruits in your job. To help you in this matter, there is a button with a slice and knife on it. You can use it whenever you want.

Reset Level: To restart an already over level or cancel your move, you can use this button. It is beneficial if you are stuck in some part of the game and need to start again from the beginning.

You can also reset the level by pressing the Escape Key on your keyboard or clicking the Pause button (the one with a pause arrow).


Zylom Games make jelly Slice. This company was founded in 1999, and since that time, it has been an essential part of the online computer games market.

They have published many fun puzzle games like Jelly Slice or Blingo, one of the most popular ones on the Zylom Games website and social media profiles.

I should also mention that Zylom Games are well-known for publishing games that can be played online and on mobile devices. Zylom’s portfolio includes more than 200 flash games for both genders, which is a fantastic number by all standards.

How To Play Jelly Slice Like Pro

If you’re new to this game or even had some practice with it, there are a few rules and facts that can help you beat any level of this game.

A lot of players use several fingers for cutting and moving the pieces but if you are one of them, make sure your display device is touch-enabled:

Use two fingers to cut: The best way to move pieces of the screen is using two fingers. Hold your left-hand thumb on the amount you want to move and use your right thumb to tap another part of the screen. Pay attention that this strategy works only for space, not for other pieces.

Use a pen or your finger to draw lines: It’s not easy to tell players the best way to draw a line or how they should hold their fingers. We can say that you should draw lines as long as you need to beat this game. If it works for you, then do not change anything!

Levels Of Difficulty

As you can see, Jelly Slice has four levels of difficulty. Each group gives you more options to get three stars from each stage. Choose your deck according to your skills and try to beat this game using our strategy.

Level 1: There are 24 pieces on the board (12 pieces of jelly and 12 pieces of cake).

Level 2: There are 48 pieces on the board (24 pieces of jelly and 24 pieces of cake).

Level 3: There are 60 pieces on the board (30 of each kind), and they start moving.

Level 4: All 112 pieces (54 cakes, 48 jellies, and 12 chocolates) are on the screen, and they start moving.


What’s not to love about a game that is as fun and engaging as a jelly slice? This app has been downloaded by millions of people worldwide, and it seems like there are always new features being added. It might be challenging to find an activity more enjoyable than this one!

Jelly slice is free, so why not try our favorite for yourself? We hope you found these tips helpful in learning how to enjoy this game even more. Don’t forget, and we also have other posts on games that can help you out with your gaming addiction!