Free Online Jelly Monster - How To Play Jelly Monster Like Pro

Jelly Monster

Free Online Jelly Monster - How To Play Jelly Monster Like Pro Click to play
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Jelly Monster is a game that puts players in the shoes of a jelly monster. This sweet-loving creature has to avoid obstacles, collect fruit and get back home before it’s too late!

In this free game, players will have to use their strategy skills to keep the Jelly Monster safe while navigating through different levels.

You can also unlock new power-ups like spikes or bubbles to help you on your journey by collecting coins along the way. The best part? It’s all for FREE!

The world needs more heroes — are you ready? Download Jelly Monster today and find out why gamers everywhere can’t stop playing this addictive app!

About Jelly Monster Game

Jelly Monster is one of the most popular games on the web. This game is exciting and creative, providing you with a lot of fun and joy.

The objective of the Jelly Monster game is to save as many jelly balls in each stage before they fall into the lava. The number of saved jellies will be shown at the top of the screen.

Each level is divided into various stages, and each step requires you to save a specific number of jellies before falling into lava. If you keep all jelly balls in a given time, you will enter the next stage. If not, game over!


There are two controls for this game move your mouse to the left or right to guide the monster to pick up jelly balls and click on the left button to make an action.

How To Play Jelly Monster Like Pro

1. At first, you need to play this game with a mouse. You can use your fingers for other purposes.

2. After that, it is better to practice in a “practice mode” to get used to the rules of this game and learn how to make the most benefit out of it.

3. In addition, you can ask your friends for some help regarding this game as they can teach you more and sharpen up your skills by challenging them to make a higher score than their scores.

4. This is a game that is very easy to play. You will need to have a little patience with it and practice more.

Levels Of Difficulty

This game can be played in four levels of difficulty: easy, medium, challenging, and expert. If you choose the first level, your target is to collect as many jelly balls as possible in each stage. Try to collect all jellies in each step before falling into lava.

If you can do that, you will win the game and go to the next level. However, if you fail to meet this goal, your target is not met, so the game is over for you.


1. What is the objective of this game?

The purpose of Jelly Monster is to pick up as many jelly balls before they fall into lava, and you win when you collect all jellies on a stage and go to the next level.

2. Do I need any additional skills for playing this game?

In my opinion, it is better to learn how to play this game with your fingers in addition to using a computer mouse to play it.

3. What should I do if I face problems while playing this game?

You can ask your friends for some help or search for other resources on the web that discuss this game and are known by fans of the device where this game is installed.

4. Where can I get some hints for playing this game?

You can search for websites that discuss this game, or you can ask your friends to help you out with it.


Jelly Monster is a fun, engaging game that can provide hours of entertainment for the entire family. The app also features an evolving gameplay experience to keep things fresh and competitive.

If you’re looking for something lighthearted to help release some stress or boredom on your phone, this is it! Download now on iOS or Android devices.