Free Online Jelly Collapse - How To Play Jelly Collapse Like Pro

Jelly Collapse

Free Online Jelly Collapse - How To Play Jelly Collapse Like Pro Click to play
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This blog post will discuss the game jelly collapse and how it is a great family game. The game’s objective is to stack your jelly pieces on top of each other to create a tower, but you are not able to use any columns that have more than three or less than two pieces.

One person plays at a time and has thirty seconds per turn. If you can’t make another move before the timer runs out, your opponent gets one point; if you don’t touch any jellies during this turn, no one gets points.

At the end of every round, players get points for their tallest column- so whoever has more pieces stacked higher wins!

About Jelly Collapse Game

Jelly Collapse is a new and challenging puzzle game in which you switch the positions of Jelly Blocks to solve the puzzles. You will need to be intelligent, logical, and agile if you want to score high points. The more blocks you flip together and the faster you complete each level, the bigger your score!


There are four different game modes:

1. The Classic mode is the most popular among all levels of players. It is available in 90+ levels, and you have 2 minutes to clear the board before it collapses entirely!

2. Time Attack – It’s simple but requires fast and continuous movements and good logical skills.

3. Endless mode – It’s very easy for new players, but maybe frustrating and challenging for more experienced ones!

4. The Jelly mode is a twist on the classic game-play that makes the board unlimited and random so you can play levels upon levels without ever repeating the same challenge twice!


Mouse click to flip groups of at least two Jelly Blocks. You can mouse over and click the blocks in the desired groups or drag over the whole cluster to make it selected.


Dissident Logic is a small indie game developer team from Poland.

How To Play

The game’s goal is to clear all Jelly Blocks by making groups of at least two same-color blocks with one colored block. Groups that are in contact will merge and explode outwards, clearing an area around it. Relaxed downtime reduces the number of moves that a player has for a level.

After completing each level, you will get a score and stars. The more blocks you flip together and the faster you achieve each level, the bigger your score!

Levels Of Difficulty

Jelly Collapse comes in 4 different difficulty levels: accessible (colorblind mode), medium, complex, and expert (reduced size of the field).


How to unblock the game?

To remove ads, you need to buy the full version. The game also includes an option to disable ads for a week if you want to support us financially.

How can I completely turn off the sound in Jelly Collapse?

You can mute the game and turn off your speakers. If you want to use headphones, you still have to get back to the main menu to switch the sound effects off.

At what age is this game suitable?

Jelly Collapse’s gameplay is straightforward, which makes it great for players of all ages! However, some puzzles can be tricky, and therefore it is not recommended for very young children.

How many levels are there in Jelly Collapse?

There are 90+ exciting levels included in Classic Mode, with new ones being added regularly! If you only want to play the classic mode, then look up from level #13. The other methods and mini-games have an unlimited number of levels!

Can you share the game with your friends? Do I need to pay for it?

Absolutely! You can play Jelly Collapse on as many devices and accounts as you like. If you decide to delete a device or account, go back to Google Play and select “Delete Account.”


As you can see, the jelly collapse game is a great way to pass the time and have fun with your friends. The best part about this game is that it’s constantly evolving, so there are always new features or levels to explore. If you want some quirky entertainment on the go, then download jelly collapse here today!