Free Online Inside Pudding Land - How To Play Inside Pudding Land Like Pro

Inside Pudding Land

Free Online Inside Pudding Land - How To Play Inside Pudding Land Like Pro Click to play
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Inside Pudding Land is a game made for the player to play and have fun. It’s a free online game that can be played anytime on any device. The game’s goal is to make sure your Pudding doesn’t get eaten by monsters or other players, and you don’t run out of time!

There are many different types of puddings in this world, each with its unique abilities and challenges that come with them.

You can also compete against other people from around the world in an arena-style setting where you battle not only monsters but also other players to see who will rule over all pudding land!

This is one sweet adventure through Pudding Land waiting for you today, so why not head on over now?

About Inside Pudding Land Game

Inside Pudding Land is a platform game about pudding. It was developed by Team Neat Pixels and published by Chillingo Ltd for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The game was released on June 27, 2012, in the Apple App Store. The main character of this funny game is a pudding named Blobby, trying to regain his memory.


In this game, you have to help Blobby get back his memory. This is a fantastic platform game with graphics that will dazzle your eyes and sounds that will delight you. It has features such as:

The ability to play the game in both landscape mode and portrait mode on all devices at any time during the game. The ability to change the size of the display, which can be seen on all devices. The ability to touch and hold or double-tap items like sticky stuff will also pick up objects.

Content Rating: Low Maturity (Age 13+)


The controls are simple in this game and can be set to the following:

Swipe left or right to turn around. Swipe up to jump—double-tap the home screen to hide the menu. (Tap again to bring back). Touch and hold or double-tap on objects to collect them. Pressing X will move from background characters which will change the speed of movements. (Tapping X will result in a faster action).


This game is developed by Team Neat Pixels. They are an independent game studio based in London, England. The company was founded in 2011 by Rich Taylor and Harry Hodgetts, who created their first game titled “A Dark Room.”

How To Play

This game can be played on all devices. There are different stages for this game, but they can be accessed by entering the stage name in the main menu’s search bar regardless of installed or not on your device.

Inside Pudding Land is a platformer video game wherein you must guide Blobby’s pudding character through various levels while being careful of spikes, enemies, fire, and other dangers. This article will guide you on how to play the game like a pro!

Levels Of Difficulty

The average difficulty levels include Easy, Normal, Hard (Unlocked By Completing Normal), and Insane (Unlocked By Completing Hard). In the Insane level of difficulty, your controls will be inverted.


What is the maximum number of times I can play?

The maximum number of plays in this game is infinite! You can continue playing and earn extra lives as many times as you want. After each 100% completion of a level, you are given an increasing number of different lives. You can continue playing after each level as many times as your hearts allow you to.

How do I die?

You will be killed by getting crushed in pits, touching spikes, and getting burnt. It is also possible for Blobby to freeze if he gets caught in ice or water for too long. In the Insane level of difficulty, touching spikes will kill you in one touch.


Inside Pudding Land is a fun, multiplayer game that’s free to download and offers endless entertainment. The graphics are colorful and engaging, while the gameplay has evolved since its release in 2013.

One of my favorite features is how easy it is to play against friends on the same device or online with Facebook connect – there’s no need for games such as Words With Friends when you can have just about all your social media connections at one time!

I hope this post will give you enough information so that you can download this fantastic game right now!