Free Online Hexagon Game - How To Play Hexagon Game Like Pro

Hexagon Game

Free Online Hexagon Game - How To Play Hexagon Game Like Pro Click to play
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Hexagon is a brand name game online put on the market in 1980. It was invented by David B. You must fill the blanks with numbers in this game and get a pleasant result on playfields, usually 6×6. You’ll have about twenty solutions at your disposal to choose from for each level.

However, each key has a ranking, and the higher it is, the more points you’ll score if you use it. Two factors will influence your final score.

The number of lines connecting each shape with its neighbors in addition to being surrounded by other forms, as well as making sure that all conditions are filled incorrectly. To pass a given level, you must meet the minimum score required.

You can earn a high score if you solve the puzzle, and you’ll be satisfied to find yourself in excellent company, with the likes of Albert Einstein, as well as Bill Gates, who are part of these top 100 players worldwide.

Free Online Hexagon Game – How To Play Hexagon Game Like Pro

First, you need to select the shape and color of the square placed in a random location. This is done at the top left-hand corner of your screen to give each player a starting point. Only after this first choice can you play.

After the hexagon grid is presented on your screen, you have to choose a number that will be added to the blanks of the grid.

As soon as you click on your selection, other shapes are created and positioned around yours. The game is over when there isn’t enough space between two neighboring bodies, or a shape cannot find another one to share its lines with.

In this case, you can restart the level.

On your left-hand side, you can see the number of shapes on the screen and your final score calculated for you. You can also view the rankings in comparison with other players and how many points each level has given to them.

Harnessing energy is an essential part of Hexagon. You will notice three types of power at your disposal that you’ll use when playing different levels.

Each has its costs, but they all affect the number of points you can earn for a solution. For example, using more shapes can help fill lines faster; however, you have to pay extra for their creation.

In this case, you’ll be able to find yourself a solution that allows you to make progress even if it might not score as highly. This is how you adapt your playing style and strategy according to the number of points you need to pass a level.

Game Rules

  • A number of shapes: You must fill all the blank spaces with numbers.
  • Shape and color: Hexagon is gameplay by choosing shape (Hexagon) and color for each Hexagon.
  • Blanks in which you have to put a number: To finish the level, you need to maximize the score. The maximum score is obtained when two islands of shapes surround all the blanks. If you can not do that for some circles, it’s better to put a low-value number than 0 or no number at all. Both score zero, and there is nothing between any shape and its neighbor.
  • A number of neighbors: The more circle are surrounded by another circle (and not isolated), the more they score.
  • Blanks in which you have to put a number: manageable levels are solved by putting 0 or 1 almost everywhere. More hard levels are solved by putting 2,3, etc.
  • But usually, you can’t fill all blanks with your first circle meaning that if you do it, other shapes will be created, and you will have to adapt your strategy.
  • When the level is finished, some shapes are removed (the less important), and the score of the shape next to them becomes more critical.


Hexagon is an excellent game that millions of people have played, and still, thousands play it every day. To win this game, you have to use your brain and think strategically because most of the time, there is no solution.

You can play it for free in Frongames. In addition, we encourage you to provide us with any feedback you may have and tell us about the problems that may arise.

It would be great if all the users were active on the page of our website. You can review this game if you have played it and tell us some tips, strategies, and things that we could include to make the game better.