Free Online Hexa Fever - How To Play Hexa Fever Like Pro

Hexa Fever

Free Online Hexa Fever - How To Play Hexa Fever Like Pro Click to play
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Are you looking for a fun game to play while you’re on the go? Hexa Fever is an addicting, free online puzzle game that can be played on your mobile device.

You have 60 seconds to match hexagons with the same color or shape to clear them from the board. Be careful not to let the tiles stack up too high, though, because if they reach all six rows of your playing field, then it’s game over! If you enjoy this challenging and addicting brain teaser, don’t forget to share this post with friends and family!

About Hexa Fever

Hexa Fever is a blend of Tetris and Pentominoes (the game manufactured by Yasuhiro Miyamoto in 1986). The rules are simple; when the pieces fall, fill up the hexagons. No more than six blocks can be placed at the same time. You can rotate your blocks clockwise or anti-clockwise.

The game’s objective is to fill a complete row with no or as few blocks left over as possible. The free version of this thrilling puzzle game, invented by Pengting Chen and released in August 2004, can be played online at various websites, including

How To Play Hexa Fever Game Like Pro

Hexa Fever free game is played with the mouse. The left-click rotates clockwise, and the right-click anti-clockwise. The pieces fall automatically to the bottom of the screen and form a row when you play it like Tetris. Be careful that only six blocks can be placed at one time!

When in progress game is played, blocks on the game board will change color from white to black. When you complete your line completely, all of the blocks will revert to White.

How To Play Online Hexa Fever Game Free

To play the free online game, Hexa Fever all you need to do is go to any website that offers this game, like, then click on Play Now! The next screen asks for input your High Score; name and enters a valid e-mail address and your preferred password. This data is necessary to create your account.

When you have already created an account, or if it’s your first time here, then click Play Now!. The next screen will display the rules of the Hexa Fever game and a brief background about this game. Click on the Start Playing button to begin!

The posted version of this game on this website is the Flash version of Hexa Fever. To play, click the Play Now! button to start playing.

The downloadable version is a standalone app that doesn’t require any browser or plug-in, nor does it need installation and can be played off a flash drive.

This file has been tested on Windows XP and seven running Internet Explorer 8.0, Firefox 3.6, and Google Chrome 12. It also works on Mac OS X with Safari 5 or later.

The published version of the Hexa Fever online game is created by Pengting Chen(of China). He has an established website at Hexa Fever. The rules and more information about this game can be found on’s official website.

Play Hexa Fever online game free online today!

Free Online Hexa Fever Game is created in 2003 by Pengting Chen. The game is based on a hexagon-shaped board which is falling one after the other. Each piece has to be placed in either the upper row or left column.

By rotating a given shape, it can be positioned so that both ends of the body are supported by blocks on either side, effectively making it a solid platform. Each row will be completed once a horizontal line is formed without any gaps.

The player has to place the shape so that it falls into the top of the center hexagon before it disappears from the screen.

The game is over when no more pieces can be placed on the board. There are two variations of the game – classic and puzzle mode. In classic, there is a time limit on completing each level, while in puzzle mode, the play can take their own time to solve it.

The objective is to form multiple lines by placing the same shaped pieces quickly before they fall from their place.

The free version of this Hexa Fever game is provided online at various websites, including It can also be downloaded as a standalone app for playing offline on personal computers.

Different modes can be selected by the player, namely classic mode and puzzle mode. The former has a time limit, and the latter is a relaxed mode. In puzzle mode, the player gets to solve each board at his own pace.

In addition, the free version is updated with new levels that the user can select. The same strategy will, however, apply in all games of this kind.

This game is based on a hexagon-shaped board made out of different colored blocks that will fall one after another from the top of the screen.

The player has to move and rotate the pieces placed on board to lose, forming a horizontal line similar to dominoes without any gaps.


Hexa fever is a simple yet addictive puzzle game with hexagon tiles. The premise behind the game is to link two or more like numbers and shapes, which will then disappear from the board. It’s fast-paced, easy to learn, but hard to master!

We’re always looking for new ways to have fun in life. So if you’re looking for an enjoyable way of passing the time when you are bored at home, download this excellent game today!

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