Free Online Hero Clicker - How To Play Hero Clicker Like Pro

Hero Clicker

Free Online Hero Clicker - How To Play Hero Clicker Like Pro Click to play
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A hero clicker game is a popular video game with the player clicking or tapping on an enemy to defeat them and advance through levels.

They’re usually easy to play and great for just killing some time, but they have limited replay value. People like these types of games so much because there’s no need for any special skills to be successful- all you need are your reflexes!

If you’re looking for something more engaging than a typical casual game, try one of these other popular mobile apps!

About Hero Clicker Game

Hero Clicker is an idle clicker game available for free on the internet. The game was developed by Mike OReilly and published by Kongregate.

Hero Clickers could be played through a browser or as an Android, iOS, windows phone, and Facebook. The primary objective of this game is to upgrade your heroes as quickly as possible.

The strength of your hero increases depending on how many you upgrade. The game is very addicting, and you can spend a lot of time on it. Some people have even spent thousands to millions in this game, developing their heroes.


Hero Clicker has features that keep the player engaged:

The players start with one hero called Genghis Khan. He is the strongest hero in the game and could be upgraded to almost a 100 for free. Like Robin Hood, Joan of Arc, the other heroes are fragile compared to Genghis khan.

However, as other players unlock these heroes, they will become stronger than Genghis, who is not upgraded by the player clicker.

With the help of these features, players are motivated to keep playing and try to beat their friends on the leader board who has spent more time in the game than they have.


The controls for this game are straightforward. It would help if you upgrade your heroes by clicking them, which gives you coins that can upgrade other heroes.

The game can be played anywhere on the internet you have access to because all this takes is a browser and an internet connection.

How To Play

The gameplay of Hero Clicker is straightforward. For example, let’s use the strongest hero Genghis Khan as an example:

So the player starts by clicking Genghis Khan. This upgrades him to level 1, which costs the player 100 coins, but once you start getting more players and gems, this becomes very easy to get.

Hero Clicker can consume a lot of time. Players have spent millions of coins on upgrading their heroes to reach higher levels.

For the game not to be boring, there is a shop where players can buy powerful items, which boosts in levels for a while, but this does not last long, and players have to continue clicking other heroes.

Level Of Difficulty

This game has two different difficulty levels: Normal and Hardcore. The normal mode is more accessible than the hardcore because there are no ads on it, but during some parts of the game, you are required to pay money to continue.

In the hardcore mode, many ads interrupt your gameplay and make it extremely hard to upgrade heroes, even if you have many gems.

Since most people will start on the normal difficulty setting, they can come back and play again, so this way, they don’t have to start from scratch.


Is there a hack for clicker heroes?

There is no way around this game without spending some money on it. The only natural way to beat this game is to pay cash, and even then, people have spent over 100,000 dollars on this game. So my advice is don’t play this game unless you are willing to spend money on it.

What can you play clicker heroes on?

You can only play Hero Clicker on a browser or an Android device capable of installing the app clicker heroes, but some players also like to get PSP and Xbox copies of this game which requires jailbreaking or hacking the console.

Is Clicker Heroes 2 abandoned?

Yes, Clicker Heroes 2 is abandoned, but we don’t know why. With this game’s success, it would only make sense to keep updating it now and then with new content.

What is the best clicker hero?

Look at our top 10 list of the best clicker heroes in Hero Clicker Game:

1) Genghis Khan: Right now, he is the strongest hero in-game.

2) Robin Hood: He is pretty intense if you upgrade him and get some of his special weapons, but it requires many coins.

3) Joan Of Arc: She was released not too long ago, so she’s frail but has the potential to become stronger than Genghis.

4) Cleopatra: She is not that strong, but she can be very good with some upgrades.

5) Achilles: He received a huge buff, and he’s now one of the strongest heroes in-game. If you want a hero who doesn’t cost much, upgrade Achilles to level 20-30, and you won’t regret it.

6) Napoleon: He is not very strong, but he has a passive skill that can help him deal damage to enemies.

7) Asterix and Obelix are pretty weak. You should upgrade them only if you have nothing else better to do.

8) Medusa: If you want to torture your eyes, then this hero is for you. She’s slow and doesn’t deal much damage but has very high health, which she needs because of her weakness.

9) Colosseum: He is strong initially, but as time goes on, he becomes weaker and weaker, so I don’t recommend upgrading this hero.

10) other heroes aren’t in the top 10, like Odysseus, King Arthur, and others, but they are not as strong as these.


Hero Clicker is a fun and addictive idle clicker game with many unique features. It has more depth than you would expect, making it an enjoyable experience for all levels of gamers who are looking for something new to play.

Plus, the developers have been releasing updates at regular intervals to keep things fresh! If you want even more variety in your games, then check out our blog post on other great mobile gaming apps available here.

Frongames will also be hosting several events where players can compete against each other head-to-head or online while playing their favorite games together. Be sure to bookmark us so that when these happen, you know how to sign up quickly!