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Heart Breaker

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Heart Breaker is a new free-to-play game that has taken the world by storm. It’s designed to be addicting and fun, but there are some serious problems with this game.

This blog post will outline how Heart Breaker is made for addiction and some of the other issues that have arisen from playing it.

It’s time to put our collective hearts back together again. Let’s break down how Heart Breaker works so we can take care of ourselves!

About Heart Breaker Game

Heart Breaker is a hack and slash RPG in which you will venture into infinite dungeons. The player gets weapons, protectors, and HEARTs from enemies.

These HEARTs can be equipped with a variety of effects and transplanted into items for various skills. Fight as you like with many weapons and HEARTs combined! Eat redundant HEARTs to gain experience. Eat for more strength in Heart Breaker.

Heart Breaker is a VR game developed by Yanim Studio and published by YOZOO Games.

The game was released on October 24, 2017. Currently, the English language version of the game has officially been launched. Players can choose between German and English versions if they want to play Heart Breaker.


The control method of the game is somewhat similar to that of the first-person shooter. The player can use WASD keys to move and use mouse clicks for interaction.

However, unlike FPS games, shooting in this game cannot be done by clicking on the screen but through keyboard shortcuts. C and V for left-handed, Z and M for right-handed. The game is played in FPS mode when interacting with enemies or the HUB.

The player can play Heart Breaker either in VR or on a desktop computer using keyboard shortcuts. In addition, through the Steam store, players have access to different modes of difficulty.

These modes are easy, medium, or hard. Players can also select the battle style that suits them best: Battle Royale, Team Battle, or Deathmatch.


Heart Breaker VR game was developed by YOZOO Games and published under the same name. The studio also holds some other games such as “The Last Gunman” (2016), Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Fortune (2015), and Guns Up! -War of Empires- (2016).

How to Play Heart Breaker

The game is an RPG based on the same classic battle and adventure missions. There are many weapons for the player to choose from. HEARTs, which can be obtained by killing enemies in Heart Breaker, have various effects that you can use as long as they fit your weapon of choice.

What’s more interesting about this game is that you can combine different HEARTs into a weapon. This way, your gun has considerable skills and makes the game more challenging. When you play Heart Breaker, you can also combine two or more weapons in one attack using two or more HEARTs.

The main missions of this game involve defeating enemies and completing quests that certain people give. As you progress through the game, you will gain levels and become more powerful. This is an RPG. Therefore the player needs to fight enemies in many battles.

There are different ways of fighting: players can choose to fight in VR or use a computer mouse; simple mode, team battle, or deathmatch style.

Through the main menu, you can select which map you want to start playing in. Each map has different weapons, enemies, and quests to fulfill. There are many maps to choose from in Heart Breaker.


As someone who loves to play games, I was excited when Heart Breaker came out. It is easy enough for beginners and challenging enough for more experienced players.

Plus, you can play against friends on the same device or online with Facebook connect, making it a great game to enjoy as part of your family time!