Free Online Header Game - How To Play Header Game Like Pro

Header Game

Free Online Header Game - How To Play Header Game Like Pro Click to play
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You will have to score a goal in the soccer game by kicking the ball into your opponent’s goal. However, moving the player is not very easy in this game, making it feel hard to operate it at first. After playing for some time, you can freely move the players and kick them past on challenging levels and lots of fun. The header is a good game for you to train your hand-and-eye coordination skills.

Free Online Header Game – How To Play Header Game Like Pro

Each player has to choose the direction keys and press them. The ball will move in the opposite direction which you selected.

You can press left, right, up, and down arrow keys to switch their positions instantly, with a star icon appearing beside them while playing.

The blue soccer player uses the Z key to attack enemies by jumping.

The red soccer player uses the X key to attack enemies by a kick.

To score a goal, move the players with arrow keys and press the Z or X key when you have a chance. You can also pass the ball to other team members as needed.

If you haven’t got any opponent in front of you, keep kicking the ball in the air as long as possible, and your players will move towards it automatically.

Remember that you’ll get three-goal points if your player kicks the ball straight into the opponent’s goal. On the other hand, 1 point will be awarded to you if you manage to kick it through a small gate inside of their fence. At last, the higher score you make, the more stars you will get at the end of each level.

If enemies in this game defeat your players, they will disappear from the field, and you’ll have to start over again or use a surrender key to give up.


  • The game is free for all and simple to play;
  • It can train your hand-and-eye coordination skills;
  • It comes with different levels and themes.
  • You can choose one of them you prefer. Create by games Play Header game online here! You’ll find features about the game there, including a link to download or play it online if you like to try an alternative.
  • The game can be played in offline mode too.


Heading soccer is an exciting sports game that requires lots of ability to control players and the ball. It would help if you tried clicking the play now above; it’s accessible for all people and engaging.

The game is easy to understand and perform, which will let you thoroughly enjoy the game without any confusing buttons or rules. You can play it everywhere at any time for free at Frongames. The only thing you need is a computer with an internet connection. If you like this game, don’t forget to leave your comment at the bottom.