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Happy Pairs

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The happy pairs Game is a fun and interactive board game for the whole family. It features two decks of cards designed to be played separately but can also be combined into one giant deck. The first deck has 36 cards with words that all start with the letter A, and the second deck has 36 cards that start with ‘B.’

Players take turns drawing a card from each pile, then create a word by combining both letters on their cards – for example, if you draw an A card and a C card, your word would be action. You want to have as many words as possible before your opponents do! To win the game, you need to get rid of all of your cards.

About Happy Pairs Game

Happy Pairs is a simple yet exciting game for kids. It is played with aces and deuces of different colors, and the player’s task will be to uncover all the cards. The same color cards can be covered in any direction. The player wins if he discovers all the cards. Otherwise, he loses.


  • It presents an excellent opportunity to practice concentration and memory skills.
  • You can set the level of difficulty according to your own choice.


To play Happy Pairs, players need to use a mouse only.

Note: Click on the top left arrow button to reveal the next card, and click on the top right arrow button to cover the card back again.

Controller: Mouse


How To Play Happy Pairs

The game is played with the following rules:

Click on the top left arrow button to reveal the next card, and click on the top right arrow button to cover the card again. Players should uncover all cards in as few moves as they can.

Levels Of Difficulty

The level of difficulty increases by increasing the number of cards.

All the best and have fun!


What are the rules of Happy Pairs?

Players need to find pairs of cards with matching colors. They click on a card, and it flips over. If that is next to another one of the same colors, they flip both over at once. The goal is to match all the cards in as few steps as possible.

What are Happy Pairs like?

It’s a simple yet exciting game for kids to practice their concentration skills. It also helps them to develop better memory skills by practice and playing this game.

How do I play Happy Pairs?

To play happy pairs, you need to use a mouse only.

Do I need to register or pay money to play this game?

No, you don’t need to have a profile here or set up an account. You can start playing right away in the accessible mode without registering. However, registered players get access to more features and keep their scores with us.

How do I sign out of Happy Pairs?

You can sign out of the game by clicking on the ‘Account’ button at the top right corner and following the prompt to log out.

Can I play this game offline?

Yes, you can. The game is entirely playable offline!

How do I change my privacy settings for Happy Pairs? is a member of ‘Youronlinechoices.’ Your privacy settings for online games will be kept in here if you want to opt-out. Otherwise, no changes will take place.


If you’re looking for a new puzzle game or app, we recommend downloading the happy pairs game here. It is free to download and play with in-app purchases if you want more features like power-ups to see where all of your matches are within the grid.

Happy Pairs has been well-reviewed by players who love its fun gameplay elements and constantly evolving levels.

You can also play against friends on the same device or online with Facebook connect – make sure they have downloaded it too! Download happy pairs now from Google Play Store or iTunes App Store so that you can start playing today.