Free Online Garden Tales - How To Play Garden Tales Like Pro

Garden Tales

Free Online Garden Tales - How To Play Garden Tales Like Pro Click to play
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Do you love spending time in the garden? It’s cool. But what about gaming? Well, this game is perfect for you. You can spend time in the garden, playing games with your friends. Collecting seeds is just one of the many activities you can do in Garden Tales. Just water your plants and see what you find!

Keep reading our guide below to know better about this game!

Garden Tales Game Overview

Gameplay in Garden Tales consists of navigating through levels in order to reach the goal. Players must solve puzzles to move forward, with the difficulty ramping up the further they go.

The objective of each level is to collect seeds and then water them. Once all the seeds are watered, you can clear the level.

Players must also avoid roaming animals and other characters that may hinder their progress.

The game also includes collectible coins. Collect enough coins and you can buy new items, including walls to block roaming animals, re-skins for characters, as well as costumes.

Garden Tales Game Features

The features include:

You can customize the scarecrow’s appearance. The scarecrow has a lot of skills and abilities such as throwing seeds, pickling plants, and activating items such as traps and an incinerator.

The scarecrow can also scare monsters by scaring other scarecrows. There are many different types of monsters, which must be successfully scared off using a variety of scarecrows.

There are also accessories that help protect the garden such as a dog that alerts you when monsters appear and a machine gun.

The scarecrow will not die and can only be destroyed by shooting it at point-blank range with a rifle.

The game features a high-quality 3D graphics engine.

The game is called Garden Tales in Japan, but the localized title for Europe is Scarecrow РLegends of the Night.

The game received a score of 72% from Metacritic. IGN gave the game a 7.0/10 with a similar rating. GameSpot gave the game a 6.9/10 with a similar rating.

How To Play Garden Tales Game Like A Pro?

1. The game starts with the player being granted access to a garden.

2. As soon as the game starts, monsters appear. Run to hide. If you hide, they cannot see you.

3. To avoid monster attacks, killing at least two monsters to earn some EXP.

4. The player’s character will then have to gather all of the required materials.

5. Go back to the garden to gather more ingredients for the potion, and sell the ingredients on the market.

6. The player has to drink the potion to earn more EXP.

7. If the player runs out of options, he or she will lose some EXP and cannot enter the garden for some time.

8. To go back to the garden, the player must buy potions from the shop and drink them as soon as he/she is able to enter the garden again.

9. The garden does not have a fence. Thus, if a monster manages to enter the garden, they will stay there and be able to do as they please.

If a monster gets stuck, the player will have to kill them.

10. The ingredients for the potion can be obtained from NPCs or from objects in the world.

The EXP required to level up can be obtained from NPCs or by farming.

11. The game has an anti-cheat system. Therefore, if the player wants to level up fast, they will need to find ways to make it easier for them to get an advantage.

Beginner Tips

To begin playing the game, you must plant your crops. You can find seeds in treasure chests or by digging in the ground. You can also buy them from the store.

Once your seeds are planted, you must take care of them. When you start the game, you will be given a few plants and seeds to begin with.

The number of plants and seeds you can use is limited. However, if you buy more from the store, you will be able to expand your collection.

When you are ready to harvest your crops, use the Harvest button. However, you will only be able to harvest your crops when you have enough EXP to do so.

If you are ready to harvest your crops, you will see a green bar above the remaining EXP. This is the amount of EXP that you have remaining before you can harvest your crops.

If the green bar is completely empty, you will be unable to harvest your crops until you have enough EXP.

After you harvest your crops, take them to the store and sell them.

The amount of EXP that you get is based on the price that you sell them for. If you do not want to sell your crops, then you will be able to keep them.


Garden Tales is a great game for gardeners of all levels. You can play at your own pace and it’s family-friendly. You can play Garden Tales at work or at home, it’s up to you. The game is free for both Android and iOS smartphones.