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This is a game blog for the new and upcoming game, Galactians. The team behind this project has been hard at work to bring you an immersive experience that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Galactians is set in space, but don’t worry- we’ve taken care of all your earthly needs too! There are planets with lush forests and mountains, deserts with dunes as far as the eye can see, and even water worlds where one can take a dip or cruise around in a submarine.

What’s more? We have made sure there are plenty of opportunities to get into trouble with the locals, whether by mining precious resources from their planet or just getting into a fight over territory disputes.

About Galactians Game

Galactians is one of the best online strategy games held in a flash. The game is based on old space war games prevalent among gamers as early as the 1980s. The game is set against a backdrop of conflict between two different races – Galactians and Terrans.

The game’s theme may be familiar to many, yet it is entirely fresh and unique. The game has been created from scratch using the latest flash technology, and it leaves you spell-bound with its pleasing 3D graphics, stunning effects, and a challenging storyline that makes sure to keep you entertained throughout.


The game is loaded with features that will surely leave you amazed. Here are some of its most appealing features

Good Graphics: The game is the perfect combination of 3D graphics and flash technology. The interface is self-explanatory and straightforward, without any complicated options or features to confuse you while you play.

Even a new player would find it easy to get around in this game as all its characteristics are user-friendly, intuitive, and self-explanatory.

Good Sound Effects: The background music and sound effects are very much in sync with the game’s theme that makes you feel as if you are part of it.

You can almost see your ship moving and firing at will! It has to be a real-time player experience, one of its kind. The sound effects are crisp and clear, adding the right amount of sound to each event on the screen during actual gameplay.

Exhilarating Gameplay: The gameplay is exciting and challenging yet forgiving enough for you to continue playing with ease. It’s not surprising that it has quickly climbed its way to the top as the most popular strategy game.

Creative Storyline: The storyline is very intriguing and gives meaning to the whole concept of the game. It’s a war between two different races, Galatians and Terrans, battle it out for supremacy over their territory in outer space. Each side has its virtues and vices, which makes the whole concept of the game more exciting and exciting.

The storyline is well crafted, compelling you to continue playing, wanting to know what happens next.


The controls in the game are pretty simple and yet very effective. Here’s how you control your spaceship

Arrow Keys To Move: You move about freely on the screen using the arrow keys. This allows you to go around in all angles, leftwards, upwards, downwards, and diagonally.

Pressing any of these keys once will make your spaceship move in that direction at speed, depending on how long you pressed the key.

Game Screen: The whole game screen is divided into different areas, each with its significance. In the example below, we have an upper left area for displaying scores or lives.

A bottom-right corner displays firing options and other commands, and a top-right displays information or scores that can be changed during gameplay.

Other Controls: This is the most important of all keys, without which you’re not able to destroy your enemies. You must press this key to fire at will.

It’s a multilevel firing option that allows you to choose whether to attack an enemy at a distance or from proximity. Also, you can choose whether to fire your missiles horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.


The game has been developed by a new and upcoming developer, Galactians. It’s still in its beta stage, so there may be some changes or updates to the game during its ongoing development process. However, that shouldn’t make you lose interest as it is an exciting strategy game with lots of features that will surely keep you coming back for more.

How To play

In the Gameplay mode, you will have several choices from which you can select anyone. You can choose to get started with the basic tutorial or quickly move on to other gameplay options like Multiplayer, where you compete against real players in a race to win. All of these are explained below in detail.

Learning The Basics: Like any other game, Galactians requires you to learn how it works before starting playing it with ease and confidence.

Two different options allow you to learn how the game is played one by one. The first option is the simple tutorial where you are guided step by step on what needs to be done and whatnot.

The second option is the play now section, where you learn the concepts by playing the game according to those rules.

Learning By Experience: You can choose to play against opponents either controlled by your system or real players from across the world. This is one of my preferred ways of learning any game. You get to know by experiencing the game as you play with real players.

Learning From Other Players: If you are new to Galatians, then there is no doubt that you will be looking for information on various aspects of the game, like how to manage resources or even what your enemies are planning to do.

There are plenty of sites that provide such information regarding video games. In the case of Galatians, you can visit Here you will find all that you need to know about the game, including mechanics and other details that make it exciting and enjoyable to play.

Levels Of Difficulty

If, at any point during your learning process, you feel that the game is too difficult for you and you can’t win even a single round against your enemy, then don’t despair. Galatians has several levels of difficulty from which you can choose one.

These levels are available in options when you select play now, where a new level of difficulty gets unlocked each time you win around.


I like the game but am getting stuck at some point. Can someone please help me?

Of course, we are happy to help you. You can ask your question in a comment below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You could also contact us on our site, and we would be happy to assist you there.

What is the best strategy to win?

We are glad you asked that. Guiding you on what’s the best way to play the game would defeat our purpose of making it an exciting and adventurous experience, so here’s a short answer: It depends.

Who can enjoy this game?

Galactians is a much-awaited game and has already managed to gain the interest of several gamers, especially teenagers and young adults who are looking for something new. Also, if you like strategy games, then it’s a must-try for you.

How many players can play at one time?

You can have real-time multiplayer games with up to 8 players at one time.

How long does it take to complete a single round?

On average, a game of Galactians ends in about 10 minutes if you are playing against the AI and 20 to 30 minutes when you play against other players.

When is it expected to be released?

We are glad you asked that as well. The game is currently in beta, and the developers say it should be out in January 2014.

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When you download the app, it will ask for your name and email. I recommend not entering this information because there have been some negative reviews that say they were charged up to $2 a day without knowing why or canceling their subscription.

It’s also possible to play against friends on the same device with no additional fees if someone is already playing in multiplayer mode.

If you are looking for a free game, galactians offers an option of watching ads after each win, which could help save money while still enjoying the gameplay.