Free Online Fruity Pops Game - How To Play Fruity Pops Game Like Pro

Fruity Pops Game

Free Online Fruity Pops Game - How To Play Fruity Pops Game Like Pro Click to play
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Fruity Pops is a game that challenges your brain and coordination. It’s easy to play but hard to master. Your goal in the game is to pop as many Fruity Pops as you can within 60 seconds by flicking them with your finger. If you like challenging games that make for great time-passers, this one is for you!

Free Online Fruity Pops Game – How To Play Fruity Pops Game Like Pro

Fruity Pops Game is very easy to play. You can take a ball with your mouse, rotate it, and then push it again in the right direction. Since all the levels are well designed, you have to think about what kind of movie you want to make.

It’s better to make two or three small steps instead of one big one. Try all the different ways, and you will see what works best for you!

When you have completed the level, there is a timer on the top of your screen, which shows how much time has passed since you started playing the Fruity Pops Game.

You can see your remaining time in the top right corner of your screen. You can also restart at any moment by pressing the button Restart.


  • Fruity Pops Game is a straightforward puzzle game.
  • It’s relaxing to play, and the levels are exciting and challenging. Good idea!


If you like games where you have to do some puzzles, this one is awesome for all ages who want to spend time with fun! Frongames gives Fruity Pops Game 5 stars!