Free Online Fruita Swipe Game - How To Play Fruita Swipe Game Like Pro

Fruita Swipe Game

Free Online Fruita Swipe Game - How To Play Fruita Swipe Game Like Pro Click to play
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The Fruita Swipe Game is a fun game that will keep you entertained for hours. Fruita Swipe is a free, simple, and addicting puzzle game to connect all the fruit in one continuous line. Fruita Swipe has been played over 1 billion times by people worldwide, and it’s completely free! If you are searching for a fun game let check out this game at Frongames now.

Fruita Swipe Game Overview

The Fruita Swipe Game is a fun game that will keep you entertained for hours. It has three different, unique, and entertaining modes of play:

You can easily switch between the game’s various modes by selecting the type of fruit on the menu screen. The Classic Mode is a two-dimensional puzzle with your goal being to connect all the fruit in a continuous line.

The Pyramid Model is played on a three-dimensional board, and it’s much more complicated than Classic mode since you can’t rotate the pieces as you play as you can in Classic mode.

And finally, there’s the Blitz Mode, which is similar to the Classic way except that the time bar only shows you the time left to play, which is different from Classic mode because, in that game, the bar showed both the current score and the remaining times.

Free Online Fruita Swipe Game – How To Play Fruita Swipe Game Like Pro

In Classic mode, the goal is to connect all the fruit in a continuous line. To do this, you have to rotate and move the pieces around until they are suitable to fit with other elements.

The game board starts empty except for one piece of fruit at random. Once you make that connection, another part will appear, and so on.

There’s a time bar that shows you how much time is left to play in the game and your current score. The board starts with very few pieces of fruit, but as you progress through the levels, more are added at random.

There is no set number of moves: although it should be evident that you have to connect every piece, it is possible to win on your last action.

Beginner Tips

Not every fruit piece can be moved. The only ways to move a bit are either to rotate it or swap it with another. Because of this, the best place to aim for in Classic mode is a corner because then you will have as many options as possible in terms of pieces to connect with.

Also, if there’s an extra space in your line, it’s best to fill it with as many pieces of fruit as possible before connecting them all.


The Fruita Swipe Game is a straightforward and highly entertaining puzzle game. It may seem too easy at first because of how easy it is to connect the fruit at the beginning of each level, but it gets harder and harder as you progress through the game.