Free Online Fruit Cut Ninja - How To Play Fruit Cut Ninja Like Pro

Fruit Cut Ninja

Free Online Fruit Cut Ninja - How To Play Fruit Cut Ninja Like Pro Click to play
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What is the best way to cut a pineapple? The answer is simple, with one of these Fruit Cut Ninja! If you are looking for some kitchen fun, then look no further than this game.

This game features five different ninja master’s each with their particular sword style, and they all have unique personalities. All you need to do is pick your favorite color and get started slicing up that fruit.

These swords can slice through an apple in just one swipe, so go ahead and take on those pineapples without any hassle at all!

About Fruit Cut Ninja Game

One of the most popular games for Android and iPhone, Fruit Ninja, is played by millions. This game aims to cut as much fruit on your screen as possible with a virtual knife.

It’s enjoyable and addicting, has excellent graphics and easy gameplay that anyone can learn in seconds! This game has been awarded multiple awards, such as Best Game on Google Play and Editor’s Choice Award from Apple, so you know it’s worth a try.

It is one of the most downloaded games in the history of mobile apps! It comes with more than three million downloads on Google play alone!


Fruit Ninja is a fast-paced game that requires complete attention and reflexes. It comes with excellent graphics, which make it even more addictive.

The game aims to cut as many fruits without removing any bombs or hitting any Blade Barrier. This can be done by swiping your finger across the screen. The more fruit that you cut, the higher your score will be.

With Fruit Ninja, you can compete with the rest of the players in a global leaderboard for the highest scores. This way, only the best players will reach the top of the scoreboard, and their names will be displayed on it!


You will control your knife using your finger. There are two ways of doing it; you can either draw fast from one side to another or tap at the top of the fruit.

If you want to make your game more interesting, I recommend that you learn a few special moves: By tapping/holding on the start screen, you will perform a coin toss when turning the blades on.

If you get a coin, the chance of earning more points increases! By tapping/holding on the start screen again, you will perform a bomb toss when turning the blades on. If you get a bomb, the time that is left until it explodes will decrease dramatically.

You can achieve a bonus streak by flicking your finger in the middle of the screen while cutting fruit.

If you want to earn higher scores, I recommend that you master all of these special moves and combine them with actual cutting fruit.


According to the developers, Fruit Ninja was created as a game for practice. It was supposed to train your reflexes, but since it turned out to be so fun, the developers decided that it should be available for everyone! This game was developed by Halfbrick Studios and is now one of their most popular games.

You can follow the company on Twitter or like them on Facebook.

How To Play Fruit Cut Ninja Game

Fruit Ninja is a straightforward game to understand; however, you will need some practice to become better at it. Start by getting familiar with the controls and obtain a coin or bomb as soon as possible. Once you are confident enough that you won’t hit any bombs at all, then turn on your blades for more challenges!

This game is truly one of the best games ever created, and it can be played by absolutely anyone, regardless of age! It’s enjoyable and entertaining, so I highly recommend you to try it out!

Levels Of Difficulty

The difficulty is determined by how many bombs are on the level. There will be no or few bombs in more manageable levels, while there will be more in harder ones. This way, you can increase the difficulty in steps, allowing you to adapt gradually!


Why is Fruit Ninja so popular?

Because it’s an entertaining game that requires your complete attention and reflexes, reading these guidelines before playing for the first time will help you improve your game.

How can I turn blades on and off?

Tap the green-colored button with a bomb on it located at the top left side of the screen. This will toggle between cutting fruit mode and blade mode. If you are in blade mode, tapping it again will return to cutting fruit mode.

Why does my device vibrate when tapping the screen?

For player’s comfort, Fruit Ninja checks if your phone is in silent mode. If it’s not and you tap the screen, then your phone will start ringing. When the game finishes, you will receive a notification that tells you to turn on the sound; this way, other people won’t be disturbed by your game.


Fruits Cut Ninja is a fun game that has an endless supply of levels and challenges. You can enjoy the gameplay solo or play against friends for more competition! If you have any questions about this review, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. We’ll be happy to answer them as soon as possible.