Free Online Freebird Game - How To Play Freebird Game Like Pro

Freebird Game

Free Online Freebird Game - How To Play Freebird Game Like Pro Click to play
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Freebird Game is a multiplayer game for the iPad that challenges players to fly as far as possible without crashing. The player controls their bird by tilting and tapping the screen but dodge other birds and obstacles to survive. The game features three different levels of difficulty, with each level increasing the number of blocks and gameplay speed.

Players are encouraged not only to enjoy Freebird Game’s addictive gameplay but also its beautiful graphics and sound effects. Let’s try it at Frongames now.

Freebird Game Overview

The Freebird Game was created by Joe Sinkwitz Jr., an 8th grader at North Kitsap Middle School in Washington State, designing games since he was five years old. This is his first app on the App Store!

Freebird Game is a side-scrolling game that challenges players to fly as far as possible without crashing into obstacles. Players control their birds by tilting the iPad and tapping on the screen. The goal of each level is to collect all three tokens before time runs out.

Freebird offers three levels of difficulty, with each level increasing the number of obstacles and speed of gameplay. In addition to the single-player mode, Freebird Game provides a multiplayer mode that supports up to 8 players over local WiFi or Bluetooth connections. Players can also play with Facebook friends by sending them a custom link.


  • Beautiful 8-bit graphics and sound effects
  • Endless gameplay that gets faster with each level
  • Three difficulty levels to choose from (easy, medium, and hard)
  • Multiplayer Mode for up to 8 players over Bluetooth or WiFi connections
  • Tilt controls allow you to lean in any direction.

Free Online Freebird Game – How To Play Freebird Game Like Pro

1. Tap “Play Game” to start the first level, which is an easy one that goes through gameplay training.

2. Now, tilt your device and fly as far as possible without hitting any obstacles or flying out of bounds.

3. Collect at least three white tokens for bonus points at the end of each level.

4. If you fly too high, the screen will start to turn black and white, and you will need to tilt your device down to restore color and continue playing.

5. Every level lasts about three minutes, so try to be quick as possible!

6. At the end of each level, play receives a rank based on how far they flew. The higher the rank, the more points are earned at the end of each stage.

7. After completing the first level, try to meet levels 2 and 3 and get higher ranks! Be sure to check out what your friends have scored!

Steps for Playing Multiplayer Mode

1. From the main menu, tap Multiplayer.

2. In multiplayer mode, each player needs access to the same WiFi or Bluetooth network to play together. Players who are not on a local network will not be able to play with each other because they will not be able to connect their game, so make sure you’re all connected before starting!

3. Now, players can select their screen name and bird! The first player gets to choose a name for everyone else, so if you want to be called something other than Player 1, make sure you have the fastest finger! Players are given five birds in total.

4. In multiplayer mode, players must earn a certain number of points to advance to the next level. The first player to reach this number will be allowed to select which level they want to play on next, and each successive player must score more than them.

5. If all birds are lost from a player’s stock, they can restore them by watching an advertisement video or using powerups.

6. For more information on Freebird Multiplayer Mode, tap the Info button and how to play multiplayer.


Freebird Game is an excellent app for all ages. I highly recommend it if you are looking forward to playing a fun side-scrolling game. We hope that our guide can help you play this game better.