Free Online Follow A Line - How To Play Follow A Line Like Pro

Follow A Line

Free Online Follow A Line - How To Play Follow A Line Like Pro Click to play
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Follow a line game is an addictive puzzle game from the famous developer Pine Entertainment. The goal of this game is to move your finger on the screen to create a path for the ball to follow.

You can play one of two modes: Follow or Color. In Follow mode, you have only one color and must make sure that the ball follows that color by changing directions when it hits obstacles of other colors.

Whereas in Color mode, you will need to keep at least one obstacle between yourself and the ball at all times so as not to lose your turn. If you are looking for a time killer, then this might be just what you’re looking for! Give it a try today!

About Follow a Line

Follow a Line is an online game that has been created by for those players who love football and enjoy playing football games on the internet.

If you like playing this flash game, it will surely get you addicted to this free online sport adventure game, although there are also some challenges in the middle of this game.

If you are looking for a football game that can give you a brand new feeling, this is the right place.

You will get more than you expected in this game, such as fun challenges and great opportunities that you could not find anywhere else. This flash football game has also been supported by world-class players who will be your colleagues in this game.

The primary purpose of this flash football game is to allow the players to control one character, take part in the match against their opponents and win the ball all together as a team.

As you are playing Follow A-Line, you will be given 3 minutes to create a 4-player football team for each level. You will be given four football team members for each level, and the rest should be left for reserves to help you fight against your opponents.

Each level has different features, so they are categorized into other divisions. You can check out the details from our website or play them directly online as well.

The time is always limited in this game, but you can still gain more time to achieve your goal. Every level has different tasks that the players should do.

The primary task for each level is to get hold of the ball and keep it until you reach the end zone after passing through all obstacles.

You will have many chances to move, but you could also make mistakes, so they are your responsibility. If you cannot do this level, read the walkthrough carefully and follow all steps to get what you want.


As an arcade sports ball game, Follow a Line has unique features that make this game more exciting and challenging.

You can get many great things in this flash game, such as a free online football game with excellent design and distinctive gameplay to experience, so you will enjoy playing it throughout all levels.

Plus, there are also many different characters for players to choose from. From this point, you may select a feeling that you like the most and then put it into your team.

Besides, there are also many different game modes for players to choose from to have the chance to play a variety of football matches.

Another great thing about this flash football game is its ability to help all users, so different levels may lead to other challenges that are also more interesting and entertaining.

There are many other features in this game, such as easy gameplay, simple controls, smooth animation, plus significant sound effects that will make the whole experience of playing football much better until you get addicted to it quickly. The most important thing is that all these features can be found in a single game, so why not play it now?


The original platform for this flash football game is a web browser. As long as you have an internet connection, access the official site and follow all simple instructions to play it easily.

You can also access this flash football game from your Android devices such as smartphones or tablets, and then you will be able to enjoy the experience of playing football anywhere and anytime.

Enhance your skills through online games before starting to play with other people. It’s a cheap and straightforward way to improve your skills.

If you want to compete at a certain level, you need to practice online first because it helps you avoid all kinds of possible mistakes that can be found in the game.

You don’t need to spend a lot of time practicing because you can do it whenever you want as long as you have a computer or laptop. Practice will never be considered a waste of time anymore.

Release Date

This flash football game was released many years ago based on 2010-27. Now it’s time for you to play this football game directly online, so why not try it out now?

Track a line and score as many points as possible by passing through the obstacles. Try to get your ball into the zone at the end of each level, but be careful not to fall off or bump into spikes. As long as you follow the arrows, you will come out with your ball.

You can play this flash football game directly on the official site or download it and then install it on your PC. Make sure that you have an internet connection before playing this fantastic online game, so why not try to play it now?

How To Play Follow A Line Like Pro

To play this flash football game effectively, make sure that you read all the guides and tips to get out of trouble quickly.

Step 1: Choose your character to start playing Follow a Line. Choose one for your team with a specific ability, attitude, and skills, no matter what kind of hero or heroine you would like to select. Read all descriptions available so you can find out what kind of bonuses it can get once joining your team.

Step 2: Choose the type of game that you want to play. There are many different types of football matches in this online flash game so make sure that you have selected the most suitable one for your gameplay style.

Step 3: Choose your opponent to start playing “Follow a Line.” The more experienced you become, the less complicated opponents will be for you, so make sure you select a suitable one based on your skill level.


Follow a line is one of the most innovative and popular games on the market today. It’s constantly changing, which means there’s never a dull moment in this game that will have you engaged continuously with new puzzles to solve.

You can play follow-a-line by yourself or against friends who are also playing at home on their device or online via Facebook connect!

If you haven’t tried it yet, download it now to get started solving some tricky puzzles together. Download here for iOS devices and here for Android devices.