Free Online Flying Golf - How To Play Flying Golf Like Pro

Flying Golf

Free Online Flying Golf - How To Play Flying Golf Like Pro Click to play
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The new game Flying Golf is a mobile game that lets you play golf in the air. You have to hit the ball with perfect accuracy and power, or it will fly off into space.

The goal of this game is to get as many points as possible by hitting shots onto different platforms, which then adds up your score.

If you miss on any of them, the board resets, and all your points are gone too. This can be frustrating at times, but it’s also very satisfying when you finally manage to complete a level without missing a shot!

I recommend playing this game if you want an exciting challenge that tests both your patience and skill.

About Flying Golf Game

Free Online Flying Golf is a free online and straightforward golf game. This concept of free online flying golf is easy to play.

The ball can fly anywhere, but you need to ensure that it will not hit any obstacles before reaching the hole. You have only one sand bunker in your way, which can stop your flight at any time.

As you proceed, the obstacles will appear to ensure that this game is more and more challenging to play. You need to show your skills in aiming the ball towards the hole and earn extra points for each stroke taken with a perfect aim.


Some features make this online game more enjoyable to play. The aim of this flying golf is simple, but you also need to show your skills in accuracy and power.

Stress-relieving: This free online flying golf has been considered one of the most stress-relieving games that exist today. There are no other games that can be regarded as stress-relieving compared to flying golf, which makes it a perfect choice for you to play.

Free online game: This free online game concept is exciting and easy to learn. That’s why even kids will find it an enjoyable experience. Anyone can play it at any time that they want.

Easy to play: The whole concept of this game is straightforward. You need to adjust the power and aim of your stroke. Then the ball will fly on its own, making it a perfect free online game to play.


The controls for this online flying golf are pretty much the same as in golf games you play in real life. The only difference is that you do not have to pay for anything when playing this game online.

Overview Of Course: This free online flying golf has many resumes, and the ball covers the whole course.

On-screen controls: There are no extra buttons that need to be pressed to make your shot perfect. Press on-screen controls and ensure that the ball will not hit any obstacle until it reaches the hole.

Launch power: The whole concept of this game is to show your skills in aim and accuracy. So, pressing a button that indicates launch power determines how strong or weak your shot will be. The stronger will mean more accuracy, but less strength means a softer overall result.


These game developers are named Samurai Games. They have a lot of experience developing casual games, making them one of the best game developer companies at present.

How To Play

The concept of this free online flying golf game is straightforward. All you need to do is adjust the launch power, aim your shot, and then hit the Go button. The ball will fly in its direction, and it will stop once it reaches the hole.

If the ball hits anything aside from the hole by any chance, your attempt is considered a MISS. Your score will be deducted by one point for each miss, and once you have used up all your shots, the game is over.

There are different levels of difficulty provided in this free online flying golf game. You can begin with the beginner mode or go ahead and try to play with advanced options if you are confident in your skills.


Who developed this free online flying golf game?

Samurai Games make this game. They are known to create the best casual games, especially for kids of all ages.

Why is it better than traditional golf games?

It is because this free online flying golf can be enjoyed for free! No hassle in spending money to play this game, unlike playing golf in real life. Plus, you get to enjoy a stress-relieving which is very important for everyone.

How many different levels are available?

There are eight levels of difficulty that will be unlocked as you try to complete a certain level. Each time you open the next level, there will be more obstacles and difficult to penetrate.

Why will I get deducted one point for each miss?

This free online game is considered challenging, and it requires excellent skills inaccuracy. So, if you fail during your attempt to play this flying golf game, you can still make up for the next shot by making them more accurate but with less strength.

How can I play this free online flying golf game?

You need to visit the website of Samurai Games. They have a lot of games for both kids and adults both. It is straightforward to operate so that you can try it now!


Flying Golf is a fun and addicting game that will have you hooked from the first swing.

You’ll enjoy playing against friends on one device or online with Facebook Connect, and there are updates planned to add more courses, modes of play, and features in future iterations.

For now, though, the app offers enough for new golfers to sink their teeth into, so go ahead – download it today!